The HellRaisers organization officially announced that Alexey’s team “j4” Lipaya Planet Dog will act under her tag. CEO HellRaisers Alexei “xaoc” Kucherov assured fans that the composition will remain in the organization after the International 2017. Planet Dog was formed by four former members of Prodota Gaming and ex-player Elements Pro Urosh “Swiftending” Galich. The team received a ticket to The International 2017 on the basis of European qualifications. Prior to the official announcement, Vikram Reddy on Twitter was informed about the signing of the team. The new name of the team also appeared on the Battle Pass of The International 2017.

Commentary of the team captain Alexei “j4” Lipaya:

“I’m very happy to join HellRaisers and represent this tag in Dota 2 discipline after such a long break, now we will visit The International together for the first time.” HellRaisers is an excellent organization and we have found a common language since our first meeting. And a bright future together with HR!

Commentary by Alexey’s CEO HellRaisers “xaoc” Kucherov:

Today a new team joins the cybersport family of “rebels from hell” who will perform at The International 2017! Pass from open qualifications to the main championship in the year – the task is not easy, but the guys did it.

HellRaisers have always appreciated the desire to go forward and not be afraid of any difficulties, so we are happy to see this team under the organization tag. We will try to organize good preparation for the guys, so that the results will please our fans! Sore for HellRaisers in Dota 2! P.S. To those who say that this is only on the TI – Challenge Accepted.

HellRaisers team:

Neta “33” of Shapira
Greg “Keyser” Kallianiotis
Milan “MiLAN” of Cosmoara
Alexey “j4” Lipai
Urosh “Swiftending” Galich