You are wondering who and when will be playing in the Quake Champions tournament on QuakeCon 2019 and where you can watch it? You came right — we gathered all the information and the links in one place.

The tournament

QuakeCon 2019 will contain the 1st round of the Quake Pro League. Twenty players from around the world (10 from Europe + 10 from the Americas) will fight for the uncertain prize pool: strangely enough, they haven’t announced its size and distribution to the public (the participants know it though, and they also have their travels and expenses covered).

The tournament will consist of a full round-robin group stage with all 20 players in the same group, and then:

The top competitors from the round-robin will compete in six Prize Matches, all leading up to the main event: Championship Sunday, presented by PGL!

What does it mean: after the round-robin group every player will play one match against a player next to him in the ranking, e.g., top-1 vs. top-2, top-3 vs. top-4, etc. It means that there should be 10 matches in total; however, only 6 of them will be on stream which is (we think) caused by a broadcasting schedule.

Every match in the group stage will be best-of-3, and in the final series best-of-5 except for the top-1 vs. top-2 which will be best-of-7 (and presumably will be called A Grand Final).

Thus only top-1 and top-2 finishers will have an opportunity to fight for the gold medal (or ‘a belt’ as per announcement) because there will not be traditional playoffs.

The players

Twenty top players from around the world will be competing at QuakeCon 2019.

Europe: Av3k, BaSe, Cooller, GaRpY, k1llsen, RAISY, Spart1e, toxjc, vengeurR, Xron
The Americas: br1ck, cha1n, DaHanG, dramiS, Effortless, nosfa, psygib, rapha, sib, whaz

The schedule

  • Day 1 will start on Thursday, July 25, at 10:00 CT (15:00 GMT) — round-robin
  • Day 2 will begin on Friday, July 26, at 10:00 CT (15:00 GMT) — round-robin
  • Day 3 will begin on Saturday, July 27, at 10:00 CT (15:00 GMT) — round-robin
  • Day 4 will begin on Sunday, July 28, at 08:00 CT (13:00 GMT) — final matches

You can see the matches order per player at the QuakeCon announcement page or per round on Liquipedia.

The streams

You can watch the matches of the round-robin on the personal streams of the players only:

Click on the links above to proceed to the Twitch channels and watch the games from the player’s perspective. It is also stated that streams will be gathered together at — currently, however, it just shows the Bethesda channel, so feel free to use the Quake Champions category on Twitch instead.

  • The final matches of the Day 4 will be featured at the Quake channel.

Pick and ban

This tournament will use the new custom duel system with one champion per player and timelimit 10 used.

Players will first pick maps, the system will be ‘pick–pick–ban–ban–pick’, an order AB AB (where A is one player and B is another player).

The champions bans and picks are ‘ban–pick–pick’ where the player who picked the particular map starts. A banned champion cannot be used by either of the players during the whole match (next maps too).

Since a number of maps can be odd, the player to start banning champions will be in favor. That will be determined by a coinflip (and can affect players’ chances in the matches).

You may watch and test picks and bans here.

Who are the favorites

Some big names are missing, most importantly Clawz, Cypher (playing Apex Legends), Agent, dooi, and Silencep. This makes chances of the best players even higher, and you won’t be surprised much if we call:

rapha — the legit champion,
DaHanG — the biggest brain in business,
toxjq — the sickest Lightning gun aim,
RAISY — this kid has no life.

What’s more interesting (and discussible) is who can make a big upset of those who stay in the 2nd line. Players reported that everyone was playing with very close scores during warmup. Thus we would suggest watching:

can make upsets:
Av3k — incredible aim and strategy,
k1llsen — his nickname ‘cheater’ will give you an idea of his railgun skills,
Xron — might sound strange, but it’s his work ethic the reason for him to be here.

Typically there would be two more players in the list: BaSe and Coollerz. However, they both got stuck in Miami let to their flight and will spend over 50 hours in total traveling. It leaves a huge question mark to their shape, and don’t count out the fact that they will start against challenging newcomers from the USA: BaSe against psygib and Coollerz against Effortless. And while no one on Earth would bet on the Americans normally, this time upsets are quite possible.