If you have already tried to start playing Apex Legends, you have probably faced some difficulties. In this article, we will give explanations and tips for the beginners, so they can not be confused and start enjoying the game from their first matches.

We are going to explain what is the difference between the weapons and advise what you are better to use in the beginning.

Here are the most common examples of what the new players can not recognize in the beginning:

  • What kind of a weapon they have picked up;
  • Why do they always fall first in the fights;
  • What do different attachments do and what’s the difference between them;
  • Should they aim with a right-click or attack left-clicking;
  • Should they move or stand still while aiming.

That comes from the fact that the game is in the Titanfall realm, which is futuristic fantasy, so many of the things in it are not so easy to recognize. Let’s imagine that you pick up a gun in Battlefield V Firestorm. You won’t immediately know all its advantages and downsides indeed, but at least you will quickly tell if it’s a rifle, a shotgun, or a hand machinegun. So, you will already know how to play with it in general.

In Apex, however, a little pistol-like thing you pick up might be a pistol, but also an SMG, or a shotgun, or even an energy rifle. It can be semi-automatic, automatic, or have a burst fire.

Let’s handle this, so you will know what do the pistols do next time you pick them up!

Weapons’ Types and Tier List

All the guns in Apex are divided into parts according to the ammo they use:

  • Light weapons;
  • Heavy Weapons;
  • Energy Weapons;
  • Shotguns.

That, however, doesn’t help much because you still can’t realize what type of weapons you should use at what distance. Remember, too, that in Apex Legends, you can hit an enemy with any gun at any distance. It can be hard indeed to hit with a pistol without zoom, but it is possible.

To have a better idea, you must remember the other distribution. Unfortunately, it is not present in the game in any discernible way, but feel free to bookmark this page until you don’t need to check it anymore.

Now, what do the categories mean:

  • Pistols are for the close fights because they can shoot immediately. Still, they can hit at the medium distance too, Wingman especially. Remember that P2020 and Wingman are single-shooting guns, and RE 45 is a hand machinegun. It’s not too hard to remember because of ‘Auto’ in its name.
  • Sniper Rifles are for a long distance. All of them shoot in a single-fire mode, and they are nearly useless in a close-range engagement. If they force you into one, swap to any other weapon you have. Mind that the picture is missing a Charge Rifle, which has been added to the game recently. That one shoots with a beam and deals damage over a little time.
  • All three SMGs are shooting burst fire, which means a short series of three to five bullets. They do the most significant damage in a cutch at a close distance as they can shoot very fast and don’t recoil too much. SMGs are pretty much the best option for beginners.
  • LMG means a Light Machinegun, but still, it’s a machinegun, a heavy weapon. The damage they do is insane, but it takes time for them to start firing. Devotion has a bit more power out of two, but it needs a Turbocharger attachment to remove the big warming-up time until it starts to shoot.
  • Assault Rifles is pretty much an SMG for a longer distance. They are the universal weapons in the game. Remember that Havoc needs a Turbocharger, but even without it, it’s decent. And that attachment is not too rare.
  • Everything is evident with Shotguns: close range, insane damage. Peacekeeper, however, can fire at a medium distance too when it has a Precision Choke. Due to some developers’ trolling, a Precision Choke never lays next to a Peacekeeper, but it’s not too rare, too. Unlike Mastiff, which is hard to find. A little hint: it’s harder to hit with a shotgun when your FPS is lower. So if you have 60 or less, we would recommend you to stick to automatic guns.

Another tier-list NRG’s Dizzy:

That one makes much sense to us, but mind that Wingman is not too easy to use as it has only four ammo before a reload. But it does 45 damage to body and 71 to 95 per headshot and can hit at pretty much any distance.

We also want to give a bit more explanations for the lower tiers. Everyone puts Mozambique there because that one only has three ammo and can deal 135 damage at max, with a very long reload time. And shotguns usually don’t do max damage. So, any Apex guide won’t recommend you to pick up this gun unless you have an enemy straight on you after landing.

P2020 and other pistols, however, are quite good for the early-game. Their low tier means that you can swap them for something specialized later.

Weapons’ Attachments

Attachments are used to make your gun better. Different attachments fit different weapon categories:

  • When you use the Standard Stock, you can raise your weapons faster (right-click), and your accuracy suffering less from your movement when you shoot. It is compatible with all Assault Rifles, SMG, and LMG — so pretty much anything that has automatic fire and is not a pistol.
  • Sniper Stock does the same for the Sniper Rifles. It is compatible with all the Sniper Rifles.
  • Barrel Stabilizer does two things. First, it reduced recoil, which means that your crosshair is not going too much upwards when you are shooting fast. Second, it reduces randomness. Any weapon in Apex has some random spread to make it harder to hit at a long distance. That is precisely what a Barrel Stabilizer fixes (only 10% to 30%, depending on the tier.)
    There is a Golden version of it, which also removes the muzzle flash. That means that there will be less fire on the screen when you shoot, so it will be easier for you to track an enemy.
    It is compatible with Alternator, Prowler, R99, RE-45, R-301, Devotion, M600 Spitfire, Hemlock, G7 Scout, and Longbow.
  • Shotgun Bolt increases fire-rate.

Unfortunately, it’s not too obvious and easy to remember which add-ons work with what. Why, for example, a Barrel Stabilizer doesn’t fit Prowler Burst AR or VK-47 Flatline? We can guess that it is due to a balance-purpose, but it doesn’t make it easy to remember, right? Anyway, an interface will tell you if you can use an attachment for the weapon in your hands or not.

Extended Magazines will increase ammo per magazine for each weapon type: Light, Heavy, and Energy.

Optic attachments will let you zoom and aim an enemy easier. You must also know that their golden options allow you to see enemies through the smoke and small obstacles like stones.

Hop-up Attachments are add-ons you can put into the particular slot to make the weapon better. That slot is unique, so you don’t sacrifice anything to it. Also, each gun has only one possible Hop-up attachment, so you don’t have to choose. The only question is if you can find it or not. Or, well, you may have two weapons that can use the same Hop-up.

  • A Double Tap Trigger will make your weapon do two quick shots with one pull of a trigger, dealing more damage. Compatible with Eva-8 shotgun and G7 Scout sniper rifle.
  • A Hammerpoint Rounds increase unshielded damage. Compatible with Mozambique and P2020. That is why pro players use P2020 even late in the game when they know there is no armor. P2020 does 35 damage per body shot with this hop-up, which is insane, considering the fact that it has 18 bullets with a highest-tier magazine.
  • A Precision Choke reduces the weapon’s spread. Compatible with Triple Take and Peacekeeper and makes the shotgun almost the sniper rifle. Peacekeeper with this hop-up becomes the strongest close-range gun aside from Mastiff (which is extremely rare), and Tripe Take becomes just a normal powerful sniper rifle.
  • A Selectfire Receiver unlocks a single-fire mode for Havoc and Prowler. Havoc starts firing a hitscan beam, but the problem is that is has a significant delay. So it’s very hard to hit with it, while it only does 60 damage to body and 90 to head. So, don’t worth it at all. But Prowler is a different beast — with a Selectfire, it becomes exceptionally strong, especially if you can find a heavy magazine. Consider taking Prowler every time you have this hop-up. It won’t be too hard because players tend to swap it for something better usually.
  • An Anvil Receiver increases semi-auto damage for your R-301 and VK-47 Flatline. That adds versatility to the gun, allowing it to be effective on a higher distance if you have a decent optics. Mind that both of them can use x3 or x2-x4 zoom.
  • A Turbocharger is crucial for your energy weapons because it removes their charging time. Compatible with Havoc and Devotion — the two energy guns with an auto-firing mode. Havoc is still quite a mediocre gun even with a hop-up, but Devotion with it shines. But mind that it needs an immense amount of ammo.

Right or Left Clicking

One of the most uncertain things for the beginner players is to recognize if they have to shoot iron-sights or just left-clicking on the enemy. The simple rule is that you have to right-click at a long or medium distance, but can left-click in close fights. Here are a few detailed tips:

  • You should always aim iron-sights when shooting at a long or medium distance.
  • In a close fight, you can shoot with a left-click using a crosshair. However, some guns get an additional spread in this mode. Generally, the further a gun is designed to shoot — the more spread it will have when you are hip-firing. For example, Triple Take or G7 Scout will have a better spread in a hip-fire mode than R301 or Havoc.
  • Shotguns don’t lose much of their accuracy so you will be fine left-clicking with them. That is due to the fact that they can only hit in a close fight anyway. The only exclusion is a Peacekeeper with a Precision Choke hop-up, which makes it a semi-sniper rifle. Then, firing at a medium distance, you will have to aim iron-sights too.
  • Wingman, for some reason, doesn’t hit pretty much anything at all without aiming iron-sights, so make sure to always right-click when you have it.

Thus, you have to make sure you have a gun for both long and short distances. If you have to choose, better stick to close-range guns because you can just avoid sniper fights most of the time.

How to Loot Weapons Faster

When you play your first games, it usually takes a lot more time for you to loot, and when you finish, your teammates are already 500 meters away or even more. To do it faster, try to remember the top-tier weapons from the list and how do they look and pick them up in the first place. Then remember what addons work with them and how they look too.

Apex Legends is a team game, so it’s a lot better if you stick with your team with P2020 than if you are handling alone with an upgraded G7 Scout. Remember that a full squad will kill you anyway, no matter what loot you have.

Consider bookmarking this page to come back to it and check the weapon tier lists between the games. It won’t take long for you to remember all the vital info and start enjoying the game.

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