Publication interviewed Player G2A Victor «TaZ» Wojtas on completion of the second day of the European qualifiers for the LAN-WESG 2016. In addition to issues directly related to the tournament, Victor spoke about the ESL and their criticism of membership in the Council of WESA players .

– Firstly, I would like to learn more about the situation with the ESL Pro League, which occurred between the ESL One New York in 2016 and WESG 2016 – including the fact that the organizers decided to hold the final on the same day as the semifinals. Is the Council WESA players should not prevent such a situation? What can you say about the ESL response to your criticism?

– The main thing I have to say: WESA and the ESL – two completely different organizations. They work in very different fields. As for the Council of players, its meaning is as follows: the players have always been doubts about the organization and quality of tournaments. Therefore and WESA has proposed the idea of creating the Council of players with which we could change things for the better. Naturally, a change is not possible during the season. The bottom line is that ESL was trying to make the best schedule according to the wishes of each team. ESL Managers were very flexible, but still it was not enough to end. Tournaments are now so many that do not already do without the added flexibility of the organizers. With ESL you need to carry out further negotiations in the future scheduling of games going on for at least a week or two before the start of the tournament. It would be possible to avoid what happened to us between ESL One New York and WESG.

So this is more a problem with the communication between you and the organizers?

– The ESL tried to correct the situation. They even tried to offer a few ideas. At the moment, in such cases, we proceed as follows: after each tournament we send the organizers a list of things that they made a mistake. After that we are beginning to see whether the situation has not changed for the better. Exactly the same will happen with the other tournaments, if they are, we run into similar problems. It’s very simple – if the championship the quality leaves much to be desired, we write a letter to the organizers with a request to correct the error. Yes, now you can see a considerable number of players hurt screaming in social networks of universal justice. Even I sometimes write on Twitter that I did not like. But I only express their dissatisfaction. In our organization, there are people who do not play CS: GO, but take care of us. Managers, directors and so on. Those who are associated with organizations like ESL and DreamHack, and works with them to ensure we have the best conditions. It is necessary to prevent the mistake and immediately start talking about it. If ESL is a problem with, say, transportation – the players have to report it, to leave your opinion. If problems of this nature do not begin to speak in public, the organizers will continue to allow them, without fear of publicity. For example, we settled in the three-star, though, and promised four stars. For me it is no special role to play, if only in the room were good beds and high-speed internet. In the end, the players are not that greedy. We want only one thing – that we were treated with respect and that service standards are good enough so that we can concentrate on the game, on what not distracted.

– Returning to the WESG – the first day you clearly nedoigryvali to its standards.

– Even now, you have had problems in the game with the Serbs. Here plays a role that you have only recently returned from New York and did not have time to bounce back? – Of course, after New York and a trip to Kiev, we are not in the best shape. But this is not the only reason for our defeats. We underestimated our opponents, more and Janusz «Snax» Pogorzhelsky ill just during the tournament. When the team in this regard, there is too much freedom, it can result in problems.