That’s resulted in one of the regional qualification, namely the open qualifying stage of the Chinese eSports scene. At this championship was attended by a large number of renowned top teams from Asia. It is necessary to highlight: “EHOME.Keen”, “CDEC.Avanger” and many others. Very surprised by the appearance of the qualifying stage of the team “Vici Gaming”, which includes such famous players as Bai “r0tk” Fan Xu “BurNiNg” Chzhiley, Cyuy “Hym” Chih Chen “Cty” Tang and Liu “Sylar” Tszyatszyun who left the team a few months ago “LGD Gaming”.

I would also like to point out the long-awaited invitation to the teams and the annual championship under the name – The International 6, to represent China in Seattle will be: “Newbee”, “LGD Gaming”, while the regional selection round stage, we will see: “Vici Gaming.Reborn” , “TongFu”, “iG.Vitality”, “Wings”, “CDEC”, “EHOME”, “CDEC.Youth” and the newly minted winner of the open qualification “Vici Gaming”. It is worth mentioning that the second open qualification will be held from 23 to 24 June. And on the 25th day we expect the regional qualifying for The International 6.

Composition Vici Gaming looks at the moment is as follows:

Ban “r0tk” Fan

Xu “BurNiNg” Chzhiley

Xu “Hym” Zhi

Chen “Cty” Tianyou

Liu “Sylar” Tszyatszyun