Center “Los Angeles Lakers” Timothy Mozgov told about the enthusiasm for computer sports in an interview with “Sport Express.” The basketball player said that often plays World of Tanks, and called for supporting e-sports, rather than fighting it.

About the hobby of World of Tanks

“I’m not at all professional, but I’m playing tanks.” Not five hours a day, of course. But when there is free time, I go to the “Tanchiki”. In the weekend I can play for two or three hours. But I can not even play at all, because I’m an athlete, I need to train. The tanks are mostly played in the evening or closer to the night, and I need to get enough sleep, so I can not afford such a pleasure.

For me it’s a rest. When I play, I do not think about anything. The truth I catch myself thinking that even though this is a computer game, I still want to win. Now I’ll tell you why I’m playing at all. When I was little, my parents had a computer club. Before that, I did not even know how to turn on the computer. Since then, I have a love for video games left. Of course, when they grew up, they played Counter-Strike – it’s a classic. “

About eSports

“We must understand that this trend does not need to be fought any more – it must be supported. Cybersport and the guys who just rest near the computer – these are different things. People who are against e-sports, they probably do not quite understand what it is. These are the teams that gather, train, spend a lot of time together. They are also performing in the arena, experiencing emotions from victories – as in sports.

Chess is a sport, but people do not run there either. We are now with you in the tournament and communicate live [Brains visited the championship on WoT – approx. Ed.]. The guys do not play in different parts of the world. In any case, it comes down to the fact that everyone comes to the same place and conducts the tournament. I’m ready to argue that all cyber sportsmen at this tournament can go out and enjoy playing football on the street or in basketball or skiing. “