After 2 weeks after the start of reshaffla it is unclear what happens to the composition of one of the strongest teams in the world – “Evil Geniuses”. The information that the community gathers little by little from a variety of sources, do not allow to assemble the puzzle together. Moreover, rumors are often contradict each other. However, one thing is clear: in the ranks of “evil geniuses” is undergoing major changes.

First winner of the world title “The International 5” Sumaill “SumaiL” Hassan, firmly stated that he did not intend to leave the “Evil Geniuses”. Then Pakistani declared that they no longer sure of the composition of the future, and then completely without explanation left the team roster on the official registration site, which further brought down to fans confused.

Today talented Meader gave the community a little more food for thought: “Sumail” said he was going to make a five-month break from her career. After all that has happened is hard to take his word for it, but no other community is left – the organization is not in a hurry in any way to shed light on the events of those days.

We remind you that in the Evil Geniuses have only 2 members: the United States, United States, US Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora and Peter “ppd” Daguerre. Clinton “Fear” Lumiz, Ludwig “zai” Wahlberg left the team with Sumaill “SumaiL” Hassan. According to rumors, the organization intends to form a second composition. All of the above will be officially confirmed or refuted for the following two or three weeks, since 4 September the team will not be able to remove players from the composition, and on September 18 the transfer window closes.