StarCraft: Remastered Korea StarCraft League Season 4 is about to kick off on October 31. The StarCraft pro scene is probably not what you are following thoroughly, and so do the most bookmakers’ experts. That is why you can benefit from those matches if you understand what’s up.

Now we will tell you which players might surprise everyone. Mind that StarCraft is the most skill-based game in the esports, so a stronger player usually wins here. But it won’t be too helpful to name all the stronger players and say they are about to win, right? That is why we will tell you who of the less-known folks is about to make upsets.

Group A: Modesty

Modesty is a Zerg player who raised during the last years of the KeSPA tournaments. And it is worth to know that he is one of the developers of a pure-air style in the Terran vs. Zerg matchup. At the same time, in the offline qualifiers, Mind faced the air zerg performed by Shine and struggled a lot against it. That is why Modesty will have a right spot against his Terran opponent.

However, we are not going too far too call him the favorite against Mini in the best-of-five, since Mini is one of the scariest players in Korea. Just stick to betting on Modesty against Mind. And yeah, it’s quite likely that they will play twice, but a decider match will be delayed (it won’t be played on the initial day).

Group B: Sacsri

Sacsri is an ex-SKT b-teamer. It seems that he went to the army and came back and now started to gain his shape back. All in all, he was the only player to beat Flash in the ASL8, who lost just two maps during the whole tournament.

His opponent Rush he being around for quite a while, but he didn’t make any success to his name so far. Thus, we believe that Sacsri will beat him for sure. He is also likely to beat BeSt because his aggressive ZvP looks strong, and the whole ZvP meta fits him well.

Group C: SoMa

SoMa is rare evidence of a semi-pro player who makes it to the top. Even though the current state of the StarCraft scene doesn’t let us call it pro-scene (the players are instead the streamers), the level is still high as the sky. He put up some fight against Flash, and even though he didn’t win, his opponent sOrry is not nearly at the level of the 4-times ASL champion.

So SoMa is capable of starting with a victory. It will still be complicated for him to advance to the playoffs because Sharp and Snow might be a bit too much for his rising star.

Group D: ZerO

ZerO is probably the smartest player in the history of StarCraft. There are some names to challenge him at this title: Nal_rA, BoxeR, Bisu. Still, none of them are playing in group D. Just recently coming back to the competitive scene, ZerO already invented a famous ‘7-3-2’ build (called so because of the number of workers mining minerals at each of three bases), which completely changed the ZvP matchup. That being said, he is starting with a ZvZ. But his opponent, HyuK, has just come back to the scene, and I don’t believe he will be capable of winning.

Speaking of the other players in the group, Light as good, but he is very standard, so I tend to believe in a genius of ZerO to place him on top of whole the group. And believe me, it will be spectacular, too.

I made my predictions — feel free to use it as helpful info if you are going to make bets on StarCraft. And let’s see who will win another round of the first esports game ever, which is still alive 20 years after release.