WCS Global Finals is the final part of the StarCraft II World Championship Series 2019. The top-8 players will face each other in the single-elimination playoffs on November 1, starting at 19:00 GMT. Let’s see who is about to win the matches — the info may become useful if you are going to bet on WCS.

Ro.8: Serral (Z) vs. soO (Z)

Most of the experts predict Serral’s convincing victory. soO has shown decent play against him back in the IEM Katowice, but it was a half year ago. The main strength of soO is the peculiar style in the matchup he showed in his group stage match against Dark, for example, mass-muta with corruptors addition. However, it’s hard to believe that using this type of strategy can bring him more than one game.

Our prediction: Serral will win 3:0 or 3:1

That means that you want to bet on this WCS match, you can use a ‘total’ bet to raise the odds.

Ro.8: Reynor (Z) vs. Trap (P)

Another match that looks very easy to predict. Trap struggled to make his way through the group stage, barely beating Elazer. Reynor lost maps to herO as well. However, herO‘s matchup against Zerg looks stronger than Trap‘s. The core upside here for Trap is that he has Rogue in the team who has to prepare for the same matchup, so they do some good job together. Thus, as Trap will most likely have to perform some aggressive proxies and cannon rushes of Classic‘s, he might use it in his actual match as well.

Our prediction: Reynor will win 3:2

That means that you will be safe betting on Reynor, but better avoid taking ‘totals.’

Ro.8: Rogue (Z) vs. Classic (P)

Classic had a hard time advancing to the playoffs at all, even though he didn’t meet Zerg players — the hardest matchup for Protoss at the moment. It seems that our advice to avoid Classic in your SC2 bets was right, and he is out of shape because of his military problems. We will still stick to considering Rogue a definite favorite, even though Classic can make some all-in work once.

Our prediction: Rogue will win 3:1

That means that you can try making a ‘total’ bet, but Moneyline will be safer.

Ro.8: Maru (T) vs. Dark (Z)

It’s not an easy match to analyze. ‘Aligulac’ website gives a slight edge do Dark that is right how we feel about it. Dark is playing very solid this year; however, sometimes, Maru is another beast. Anyway, we can’t help but think that there will be a Zerg player on top.

Our prediction: Dark will win 3:1 or 3:2

We advise you to avoid betting on this match unless you evaluate one of the players to be at least 70/30 ahead.

Ro.4: Serral vs. Reynor

In our mind, this matchup is nearly 100% set. If it happens like this, we think that Serral will be a person to win this. Don’t forget he won what many called ‘the group of death’ 6 to 0 in maps. Mind his 4:1 victory over Reynor at WCS Fall in Montreal. This man is after the trophy, and he is not joking.

Our prediction: Serral will win 3:1

That means that you want to bet on this WCS match, you can use a ‘total’ bet to raise the odds.

Ro.4: Rogue vs. Dark (or Maru)

It will be another ZvZ most likely, and then we would recommend skipping this match because Rogue is too unpredictable. However, bookmakers will most likely give an edge to Rogue, which will provide you with an opportunity to make a good bet on Dark if you believe in his ZvZ skills. We rate the match at nearly 50/50, so a profit will be to low (because you have to remember the bookmakers’ margin).

But if Maru will be on top, it will be an exciting match to bet. We, honestly, don’t see Maru winning this, but Aligulac says that he is 72/28 ahead! Which will create some crazy odds, and you can benefit from it.

Our prediction: Dark will beat Rogue 3:2 or Rogue will beat Maru 3:0 or 3:1

That means that you can make a safe and profitable single Moneyline bet if Maru will advance; if not, then better skip this one.

Final: Serral vs. some Korean zerg

Serral is a favorite in any ZvZ on the planet. However, odds will be low, so betting on him should be unprofitable. But you can try betting on his opponents if you want to tickle nerves. That, however, has nothing to do with earning money, so we do not recommend you to do so.

Our prediction: Serral will win 4:1 or 4:2

We don’t think this match is worth betting because of the low odds and the possibility of upsets, especially if Rogue will advance.

Our predictions may sound a little bit boring because they don’t contain a dream final of Serral against Maru. Trust us; we want it too. But betting is about being safe, and that is what we tried to give you sharing our opinion and experience. We hope it served you well.