The last WCS Circuit event in 2019 took place this weekend. Let’s see what must-see level plays did this even bring!

Top-5: Stephano vs. MaSa

Stephano wasn’t delivering any good results since the years of his dominance, and this is why his stellar performance on this event is so stunning. Just see how he takes his nearly-perfect engagements with mere lings and slow banelings! To note: MaSa eliminated Scarlett one round earlier.

Top-4: Astrea vs. TIME

It seems that those who called Astrea the next big players from the USA were right: excellent tournament run and a spectacular thriller on the 2nd map of this match.

Top-3: SpeCial vs. Reynor

In this round of their never-ending rivalry between these two, SpeCial prepared much, and especially his mass-infantry and mass-Vikings style worth watching.

Top-2: HeroMarine vs. ShoWTimE

The match of the highest level where you don’t want to miss a single map. Just watch it, alright?

Top-1: Reynor vs. Serral

You may guess that if there is a ZvZ match on the top-1 spot, it wasn’t your other normal ZvZ, right? Exactly, sir! You have never ever seen anything similar to what happened in the first game, and if you have, we swear to give your money back.