Missed the GSL Global Finals broadcasts? No wonder, considering the time slot. At least it gives you one advantage: you can save your time and watch the best games only!

Here they are.

The Best Zerg vs. Protoss

The very first game of the event became a thriller. Can the top-8 WCS Circuit Protoss player put up a fight against the best Korean of the race considered imba right now? Amazing strategies, remarkable comebacks, and even a cannon-rush — that was what made this series so entertaining to watch.

Rumors on the streets say that during his practice on the Korean server, Reynor took top-1 of the Grandmaster League with only four losses. herO, however, is famous for his unpredictable style, and this is why he is a terrifying opponent. We say no more — watch it.

The Best Terran vs. Zerg

SpeCial prepared for this series a lot, showing an immense variety of strategies while soO had to react. Hardcore macro-game included!

The Best Terran vs. Protoss

StarCraft II players cried a river complaining about how it was impossible to beat a Protos as a Terran with standard gameplay. And now we have the most predictable Terran player on the scene facing the most unpredictable Protos player. Can it even be interesting? Oh yeah!

We hope you have enjoyed these excellent matches! Remember that WCS Global Finals will continue on November 1, where playoffs will kick of in Anaheim. The dream Serral vs. Maru final is still possible, and soon we will know if we will have it at last!