HomeStory Cup XX, held on 21 to 24 of November, became the first big offline tournament in StarCraft II to use the 2020 balance. That is why this event became so meaningful for every SC2 fan around the globe.

However, the broadcast took over 50 hours of live streaming, and watching the whole thing will make a significant amount of your time. But we will save you — you find the list of the best games. Enjoy!

Serral (Z) vs. ShoWTimE (P)link

We don’t see PvZ late game too early because generally, Protoss players think it’s unplayable. But the Infested Terrans ability is not in the game anymore, so the German Protoss player decided to give it a shot.

Reynor (Z) vs. INnoVation (T)link

Those two met each other twice, but we think that the group stage series was more remarkable. Down the link, you’ll find a set of a near-perfect level Terran vs. Zerg mid- to late-game with some innovative after-patch unit compositions. Can anything be better than this?

SpeCial (T) vs. ShoWTimE (P)link

Protoss vs. Terran matchup was the subject throughout the whole year. In particular, many players said many things about the state of charge-zealots. Now that they lost their initial damage on-impact, but gained additional speed, everyone was curious to see how will it occur on balance. This match can give you the first high-quality glance at that.

Cure (T) vs. Reynor (Z)link

Enjoyed Reynor’s match against INnoVation? We have more of that incredible kid. Unlike INno, Cure decided to bring some mech plays to the table.

Cure (T) vs. PartinG (P)link

This game is an absolute masterpiece of StarCraft II and the best match of the tournament. Aggressive strategies, macro, and even a… ah, you better watch yourself.

Reynor (Z) vs. Serral (Z)link

Those two met each other again. Serral had to beat Reynor in Bo5 and then once again in Bo3. Reynor could win just any of those two series. They played a lot of games and a whole lot of different strategies, showing us a complex digest of Zerg vs. Zerg.