As you know, StarCraft II is probably the most predictable game to use in betting if you know what you are doing. And to give you an idea of how to earn money on SC2 betting, we’ll provide you with some useful hints.

Important: this is not another ‘How To Earn $300 and More Daily’ guide. Rather than that, we are going to explain how to use your game knowledge to your advantage. If you don’t have game knowledge, you can’t earn money on bets.

Now, what’s the core feature of StarCraft II compared to the other Esports disciplines? That game is one-on-one, and it’s exceptionally skill-based. It leads to a straightforward rule:

A Better Player Wins.

At the same time, all the players at the competitive scene evaluated accurately by MMR. It may differ slightly from server to server, but a player with 5,000 MMR will lose to a 6,000 MMR in 95 games out of 100. So:

Any Professional SC2 Bettor Must Know MMR of Every Competitor.

It’s not a joke or exaggeration. If you know any person who bet on StarCraft II professionally, name any player, and they will tell you his MMR with a very little inaccuracy because low MMR players are those who bring them the most significant chunk of money.

What they do is skipping a majority of matches waiting for those when there will be a big MMR difference. They make a multiple-bet with a few games with big MMR difference. It works because, in SC2, better player wins.

There are a few things you have to keep in mind using this betting strategy:

  • You have to know in which tournaments amateurs face pro players. It will almost any big tournament with more than 50 participants.
  • You have to see if bookmakers offer to bet on games in the series. If yes, you can get higher odds taking both maps of the best-of-three series to your multiple-bet. They will only offer ‘maps’ if the tournament is match-fixing-proof.
  • You have to watch out for the significant moving of the odds. We will expand on this topic below. Shortly, unless you have inside info, you are better to avoid such games and not bet on them.

The tournaments where you can find such matches are:

  • WCS Challenger
  • WCS Group Stage 1 and sometimes Group Stage 2
  • IEM Katowice Open Brackets
  • HomeStory Cup

Why Do the Odds of the Match Grow?

If the odds for the match is moving, it means that someone made a large bet. It happens automatically as compensation. Initially, a bookmaker makes odds relying on his calculation of the players’ chances. There is no mystery in these calculations: when it comes down to SC2, he opens the Aligulac website and sees the odds. However, if bettors put a lot of money on one of the competitors, the system, sort of, admits that the calculations could be a bit wrong. To compensate that, it moves the odds towards the other side.

What happens after that? Let’s imagine that Maru is playing against Serral in the Grand Final, and some person bets ten thousand dollars on Maru. Then the system ‘thinks’ that maybe odds for Maru were calculated wrong, so it changes them and will offer less multiplier to the Maru’s win to the next bettor.

That could encourage someone to bet on Serral, because if Maru’s multiplier went down, then Serral’s would surely go up. But whenever he notices something like this, he should stop and think: why would someone bet so much on Maru?

Well, in that actual grand final, some people could be just hyped. But what if it is not Maru vs. Serral, but fewer known players in the open brackets of the WCS event? Then probably the person to make a large bet knows that the player will fix the match. Which leads us to the question:

Is Match-fixing Exist in StarCraft II?

Confirmed evidence happened in the past:

  • Match-fixing scandal in 2010 led 11 StarCraft: Brood War players to ban.
  • Match-fixing scandal in 2015 led 5 StarCraft II players to ban.
  • Weird activity in the Russian community let to an immediate amateur tournament shut and disappearing of the caster who hosted it.
  • The Russian players SKillous reported that some unnamed organization offered him support as a return for match-fixing this year.

Other things are just suspicious:

  • Pinnacle keeps voiding some matches.
  • Sometimes players throw bizarrely — for example, a semifinal match of 2019 Assembly Winter between Zest and Solar.

Why do you need to know all that? Because what happened in the past can happen again. It doesn’t have to be precisely a match-fixing, meaning that the player is losing a match on purpose. It can also match that is played before it’s date and time to hook bookmakers over. Such pre-known results can be used to raise the total odds of the normal multiple-bets they make on the events we described above or just for standalone betting.

Just stick to the elementary rule and don’t bet when the odds are growing. That means that someone is betting a lot of money on the other player, and they might be doing it for a reason.

How To Get Insides About the Fixed Matches In SC2?

Simple question — simple answer: you can’t get them. There is no website on the Internet to share such hints. If there were, bookmakers would check it first. Thus, all you can do is watch the betting line moves before placing money wherever you do it, not just for fun but for profit.

How Much Can I Earn From SC2 Betting?

It depends on the amount of money you have to use. The better you bet, the better you earn. A normal multiple-bet will let you get x2 to x3 of what you had at the beginning of the tournament.

Do Bookmakers Ban Me If I Win Too Much?

It depends on how reliable the bookmaker is. Typically, they should not have, but some betting sites do it. However, they can limit a max bet you are allowed to make, and especially the multiple-bet. But it won’t happen fast, and you can earn enough before it happens. To avoid the block, try to pretend the ‘normal’ user and sometimes place little random bets. Mind that the same instructions work for any betting, not just StarCraft II.

Can I Report a Bookmaker to Blizzard If They Scam Me?

You can’t, because Blizzard is against betting. They can’t forbid it, but they won’t do anything to support it either. By the way, all the participants of the StarCraft II tournaments are not allowed to bet, even if they don’t play in the actual match.