Agency RFRSH Entertainment, organizations representing the interests of Astralis, GODSENT, Heroic and Norse, plans to invest about $ 30 million in cyber franchise in the next 2-3 years. The company has raised $ 4 million and continues to attract investors. Among the first investors Agency CEO of the manufacturer of software for project management Podio Tommy Ahlers, as well as the executive director of the Disney studios and Rene Maker Reitman.

RFRSH Entertainment will join an intermediary for the players when signing contracts, find new bands and to perform the role of the Fund for capital organizations, formed by players. 2017 sporting director RFRSH Entertainment will be a professional handball player Kasper Hvidt. His responsibilities will include the welfare of the players, who cooperate with the agency.

special center is being built in Copenhagen, where the team will be able to attend training and to work with therapists and physiologists. Astralis representative said that the team plans to use the center as a gaming base. RFRSH Entertainment was founded in early 2016 by the former partner of the Technology Investment Group Sunstone Capital – Nicolai Nyholm – and co-owner of Copenhagen Wolves – Jakob Christensen.

In January, the agency supported Astralis players in the formation of the first independent organization for CS: GO, and in August signed a partnership with RFRSH GODSENT and engaged in their media development. At the moment, the agency cooperates with the organizations that formed the players. In addition Astralis and GODSENT in RFRSH Entertainment assets include Heroic and Norse.