Player North Philip “aizy” Аistrup has told about leaving from FaZe Clan in interview to киберспортивному to a portal. He also explained why he does not show the previous level and how useful Chinese teams are at tournaments.

On the transition to North

“Everything went smoothly. I knew well the guys from North, so I was accepted with open arms. I did not plan to leave FaZe Clan until I got an offer from North. Many factors affected. Let’s have the potential, when karrigan came, I missed the performances in the composition of five Danes. No problems with management or friends – it was just hard to keep motivation. ”

About the drop in the level of the game

“I returned to the monolingual team, and I had to get used to communicating again in the game in Danish. It also required adapting to the distribution of roles and positions [in North]. In such conditions it is difficult to immediately show a high level of individual skill.

And when the team has many strong players, it’s hard to be better than them in every game. I was disappointed with my performance, because I did not live up to my own expectations, and now I’m in a non-optimal form. Time will judge. ”

About Chinese teams

“It’s good that Chinese teams are invited to tournaments. This is beneficial for both the game and the competitive scene. It is interesting to see new styles and, perhaps, draw something from them. Now the slots (on StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 come two teams from China – ed.) Are distributed fairly. ”

A great interview with the participation of Philip “aizy” Aystrup, who told a lot of interesting things