Overwatch rapidly broke into the world of eSports. Game just a couple of months, and it has hundreds of teams play and hold tournaments with million budgets. Established probably how the killer she League of Legends (according to authoritative sources) has the audience selects the leader eSports show and event. If you are not familiar with the game Overwatch, then soon you will be faced with it in earnest.

The organizer of the largest tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ELEAGUE, behind which there is a division of global sports media giant Turner Sports, and FaceIT announced, probably the largest on Overwatch this year’s tournament. And he, like analogue ELEAGUE in Counter-Strike, will be broadcast on cable network TBS (Turner Broadcasting System).

Championship with a total budget of $ 300,000 dollars will be held in two stages: on-line or part of the qualifying games for everyone, and LAN-based format for the Regional Finals and the Grand Final. By the way, the online tournament has started 23 July. And in the European division is already a finalist of the first qualifying qualifying tournament ELEAGUE Overwatch Open: Europe Regional – Qualifier 1. They became the German team Misfits, which has won 31 teams in the competition.

The whole tournament as ELEAGUE built on two regions: North America and Europe. If you are from these regions, and you have a team of Overwatch, you very lucky. Because, after 4 online qualification will be held regional finals, which already compete for $ 84,000 dollars (in Europe and North America). In North America, by the way, also determined the first finalist of open qualifications. This team (who do you think?) Team EnVyUs, who was fighting with Team SoloMid, Luminosity Gaming, Cloud9, and even a couple dozen commands. Are you intrigued? You are still not interested in the game Overwatch?

According to regulations Overwatch Open tournament in the regional finals will participate 8 teams from each region. They will play in their home studio organizer Turner in Atlanta, USA. Of America – September 25-26, and from Europe – 28-29 September 2016. The Grand Final will be held live TBS September 30, 2016 in the face of a huge audience of fans of eSports. The champion will receive $ 100,000 dollars!

Yuri Donchenko