After BlizzCon 2016 creators shooter Overwatch designer Geoff Goodman and artist Rachel Day gave an extensive interview, which among other things hinted that in the near future the nature of one of the characters unfold in unexpected ways. It is a non-traditional sexuality, LGBT. According to supporters of community Overwatch, maybe it’s a tank Zarya (“Dawn”).

Abilities of Zarya

– During the last couple of months, heard a lot of talk that one of the characters gay Overwatch. Or even a dispute. Some people really want a character in the game has been recognized gay. Others simply shout at first, because it affects them deeply. And such discussions occur in large numbers in various forums and venues. What can you say about this?

Rachel: We’re all here for, that create a very varied game. We look globally, we consider a variety of types of people: different types of bodies and stuff like that. Perhaps we do not tell you here and now no romantic history, but the future is definitely going to happen. I do not think we should rule out this kind of thing from Overwatch gameplay.

Geoff: It will be a character from the LGBT community. It is difficult for developers because we do not want to be at the center of discussions about this strange. We have a whole bunch of comics and other media materials, to show their thoughts. But we do not want to force things. This will be the character – heavy, but we will soon know all about it in detail.

– Ie very soon?

Rachel: Really soon.

Geoff: Yes, very soon.

Zarya (the full name of the character – Alexandra Zaryanova) – according to legend, is probably the most powerful woman in the world. The number 512 in the form of a tattoo on his shoulder – is the weight of the bar, she can lift. She was 28 years old and she is in front of Krasnoyarsk Russian Defence Forces. Ever since childhood, she has promised to liberate his country after the “Rise of the Machines.” Her village was the center of military operations. Later, Dawn went in for sports (bodybuilding and power-lifting) and successfully – became the champion. However, the uprising broke out, and she enrolled in a local self-defense detachment. Externally, the character Zarya is very similar to one of Blizzard Entertainment’s employees Tamara Bahlycheva. Her motto is: “Together we are strong.” This is the second character of the universe Overwatch, which appeared in Heroes of the Storm.

Yuri Donchenko