Team Dignitas formed composition of the Overwatch in 2017. The organization has provided contracts to former stendinam Marcel «Veineless» Lehmann and Elvinasu «evokje» Padegimasu, signed Patrick «Wat7» Marwan and extended agreements with three players.

By the way, I numlocked left the team in October Marseille «Veineless» Lehmann and Elvinas «evokje» Padegimas been on probation since October 2016. During this time, Team Dignitas lost closed qualifier Masters Gaming Arena in 2016 and qualified for the Overwatch XTRA Cup.

Patrick «Wat7» Marwan to September 2016 stood for Ninjas With Attitude. The team stopped one step short of the permit at DreamHack Winter 2016 and won the Dino PC offline tournament # 1. The new composition of Team Dignitas will debut at LAN-finals Overwatch XTRA Cup on 28 January.

The team will battle for € 5 thousand. To Grand Danois, The Chavs and Movistar Riders in Paris. Team Dignitas has signed on Overwatch team in August 2016. The composition took place on 5-6 Lenovo Cup, left the ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown in the quarterfinals and finished Overwatch Open 9-12 place. In October, the team parted ways with Seb «numlocked» Barton and Arthur «art1er» Bischoff, in December it left Rasmus «Draceus» Van.

The basis were Jose Antonio «Bromas» Ramos Gonzalez, Joshua «ToxikeN» Campos and Jiri «LiNkzr» Mashalin. Will this composition to express themselves? We will see in the near future!

The composition of the Team Dignitas:

  • Marcel «Veineless» Lehmann
  • Jiri «LiNkzr» Mashalin
  • Elvinas «evokje» Padegimas
  • Jose Antonio «Bromas» Ramos González
  • Joshua «ToxikeN» Campos
  • Patrick «Wat7» Marwan