Many people refer to it as the next big eSports. These sports organizations as Team Liquid, Cloud 9 or Luminosity already put their rosters. Tournaments in this discipline are announced every second day, and audio giant Dolby announced his Overwatch tournament with $ 10,000 dollars in prize money.

ESports Overwatch – has already taken place, despite the fact that the official release of the yet to be released. And while the big brands have already entered this game, now or never – it’s time for others to make their choice.

Reunited – the very organization that has made its choice. Former roster Battlefield4.Fnatic already earned a good name in the Overwatch. After demonstrating stable results in the beta version of the game among the top teams, Reunited announced an ambitious strategy to become an independent team, which is owned by the players.

“While we would like to be purchased by other esports organization, we are very happy that we were able to convince investors to support our vision to build the organization. Potentially Overwatch is a great and amazing game.”
Frederik Kragh Christensen, Managing Director

Just before the Astralis Team in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,-founders REUNITED players are shareholders of the company, who are invited to a lot of other extra bonuses compared with conventional short contracts usual commands.

“It’s wonderful to be part of their own organization, in which you play. This underscores our commitment to building a true brand players for players. We organize multi-command organization, together with Frederick.”
Thomas Morte Kerbusch, team captain

It is remarkable to see that the approach Astralis transferred to other organizations. Moreover, it is a format for new brands. It seems that it works. REUNITED already convinced some investors, and now the team members are eager for new victories and new partners and sponsors.

“Overwatch – an easy game with the greatest potential in this year’s now or never time for everyone who wants to join us or on our way.”.
Frederik Kragh Christensen

Yuri Donchenko