Blizzard has announced Overwatch 2 on BlizzCon 2019. It caused many discussions among the community. Let’s see what the game will be like and why fans are happy and not happy about it.

Overwatch announcement didn’t come out of the blue, even though it was supposed to do so. However, legend says that Blizzard sent out an email with Overwatch 2 enlisted to its employees, and my a mistake included outsource workers in the list. They tried to make it look like a typo later, but it didn’t work: info leaked to the Internet already.

No one knew, however, what the game would be. We learned it at BlizzCon.

What is Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 will be a significant addition to the original game. It will use the same, yet modified engine. But the core idea of the game is adding PvE elements to it and updating its interface and visual approach.


The story relies on the Overwatch squad coming together again to protect people from the robot attacks. The authors said in the interviews that the actual PvE missions wouldn’t come down to just that but didn’t reveal any additional details.

They will add a single-player style lobby for the PvE content. In that menu, players will be choosing what mission to take. Those missions will bring to the characters experience to gain new perks (PvE only):

  • Tracer‘s impulse bomb will affect several targets and stick to them.
  • Hanzo‘s arrow will hit all the targets he sees, including those revealed by his sonic arrow.
  • Reinhardt‘s earthshaker will hit all the enemies around him.
  • Mei will be freezing all the enemies around her after releasing from the cryo-freeze.
  • Instead of a cryo-freeze, Mei will enter a massive snowball that can move and damage the enemies it collides with.
  • Genji will be able to throw a projectile blade at the enemies during his ultimate ability.
  • Torbjorn will be able to place three turrets instead of one or make the turret a flamethrower.

The heroes will get a new look. The idea beyond that is to emphasize that this is a new game.


Blizzard will add the new heroes, new mode, and new maps to PvP mode.

New Maps

The new maps will be Toronto, Monte Carlo, Geteborgas, Rio de Janeiro, and one more map that doesn’t have a name yet. The renewed engine will allow making bigger maps, and game designers will use it. Thus, they said that Rio would be twice as big comparing to the old maps.

New Mode

The new game mode will be called Push. It’s not something brand new but rather a clone of the same game mode in Team Fortress 2. At the start, the big robot and cargo will be placed in the center of the map. The team to gain control of him will force him to move to the enemy’s base direction. The team to move to the end of the route or to move it over the center of the map when time runs out will win the match.

In the current version (that was available on BlizzCon), the Push mode was available in Rio only. However, Blizzard will add it to the other maps, too, in the future.

New Hero

The new hero will be Sojourn. Blizzard didn’t tell much about her yet, but they stated that there would be more new heroes in the game before the release.

Overwatch 2 Release Date

Nobody knows when the game will come out. That pretty much means that it won’t be out until BlizzCon 2020.

Pros of Overwatch 2

The game will offer new experiences to the players, as the original game was PvP only. It will bring more non-hardcode players to the community because they can play the campaign solo or co-op.

A lot of new PvP content is coming, too, such as the new maps, the new heroes, and at least one new game mode. Graphics will become more up-to-date, with an enhanced appearance of the skin, hairs, clothes, etc.

At the same time, two games will share the same multiplayer and will eventually merge. Thus, if Overwatch players don’t want to play PvE, they won’t have to pay for the new game. Also, they will keep all their in-game progress and content.

Cons of Overwatch 2

In 2016 Blizzard said that Overwatch would be an online game-service. They told there were be many updates and content coming up. But let’s see what happened then:

  • One new hero every half a year
  • Not a single new game mode after 2016
  • One scenario mission on the anniversary date

Of course, for those who wanted PvE for Overwatch, the upcoming game is a great addition. But what about those who bought Overwatch to enjoy a game-service it supposed to be? Some new content is coming, it’s true, but when? It’s been three years since the announcement, and there isn’t much released since then. And now all they have is ‘not too soon.’

Imagine someone awing you sixty bucks. Three months after a day they should have returned them, they instead share with you the great news of entering the university, and after five years he will graduate, find a good job and then bring your money. How happy would you be then?


We are multiplayer fans, so we don’t care too much about PvE content. Thus, we are not excited about the announcement, even though having at least something is better than not having it at all, right? Our internal rate for the announcement as per now is 5/10.

And yeah, Overwatch League will be using the original game in 2020 with more divisions and a home-away system. Mind that you can bet on the Overwatch League on out website.