Completed the final matches of the group stage of the first season OGN APEX at Overwatch. It began on October 7 and ended on 16 November. In the playoffs, the team reached the European Rogue, Team EnVyUs and Reunited, and five teams from South Korea. The Rogue, ranked in group A, was ranked first, not losing a single match was the second AF.Blue.Team EnVyUs Reunited and finished the group stage in second place with a score of 2:1. With the same number of victories and defeats of the group went LW Blue.

She won first place in Group D, ahead on one card Reunited. EnVyUs in their group ceded first place Lunatic-Hai. The tournament also involved a team from North America – NRG eSports. She could not get out of the group, finishing third. NRG has won only one match out of three. The first two places in the end went to BK Stars and Team KongDoo Uncia. In the playoffs will play Reunited with AF.Blue, and Team EnVyUs and Rogue will meet with each other.

The first match will take place on November 18 at 13:00 Moscow time, the second – 21 November at 13:00 MSK. OGN Overwatch APEX Season 1 began on October 7 and ended on 3 December. In the finals, which will take up to four victories, the team will compete for the $ 90 thousand. The total prize fund of the first season is about $ 180 thousand. (200 million won).