One of the portals talked to Mark Koenig, director of marketing for Next Generation Esports. Koenig spoke about the experience of the first tournament – Overwatch Winter Premier, further plans to conduct competitions in Overwatch, as well as possible the situation of the game to other cyber disciplines.

About Winter Premier and the future plans of NGE at Overwatch

“We were totally satisfied with the organized tournament. PAX Arena – a very comfortable place for competitions in Overwatch. The audience and the players gave it to the full, which is great. We would like to continue to promote the Overwatch, but so far no announcements are planned. If we hold tournaments for game, it is only in North America, but I would not rule out in the future and international competition. “<…>” I think that if Blizzard seriously take up the discipline, it will take a special place in eSports. We think, that Overwatch is really a great future. “

On improving the quality of translations

“Watch the game on Overwatch is not so easy because of the 12 players on the map, the special abilities of the characters, switching between players during the battle, the lack of breaks between contractions, and more. In the near future much will change for the better. From a third-person audience will be visible to players health bars, the color contrast between the teams will be more clear, there will be more operators.

And the audience with commentators soon realize what you need to pay attention to the game, and what not. Yet it is important to understand that the audience will always require to show him something interesting, even if nothing interesting is happening on the screen is not. Because of this, sometimes it is difficult to decide on what is really important in the game. “

Organization of Next Generation Esports conducted in January 2017 by Overwatch game tournament – Winter Premiere. Playoffs held in San Antonio, on the PAX Arena. The winner was the team of Immortals.

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In the near future we will delight you with more great stuff at Overwatch discipline.