Director of the game Jeff Kaplan said that he will remain the same in the Summer Games and Lucibol, and what will change compared to last year. The in-game event will begin on August 8th.

About the forms of the Summer Games

“With the new event, new content and new looks will appear. The main thing is that new things can be bought for loans, as well as at any other event; And, as I said, we will return the old skins, although in them we are going to change something. We will reduce their cost to the level of things from ordinary containers. We believe that the return of old looks is good news for those who could not get them for the first time, and we want to lower their price in order to make them more accessible and emphasize the importance and uniqueness of the novelties. As a result, not all will run in the same new skins. “

About container changes

“In addition, we want to remind you of changes in the container system. You could already notice this – the frequency of duplicate drops in ordinary containers has changed. Now the duplicates fall much less often than before, and the same rule will apply during the events. These Summer Games will be the first event, during which players will find fewer duplicates in containers. “

About Lusiobol

“Lucibol will return! And we invite you not only to the beautiful stadium in Rio, which was opened in 2016, but also to Australia, to the city of Sydney, where we built a new sports arena. Again, we listened to your reviews and changed something in the mechanics of Lucibol. The more you can not stand in the gate of the opponent and push the goalkeeper aside. We decided to remove the opportunity to repel other players, as many considered it unfair. We also changed Lucio’s superpower in Lucibol.

Previously, it allowed to attract the ball, and some abused this opportunity – for example, pushed the goalkeeper out of the gate, took his place and attracted the ball. More such will not happen. Now the superpower increases the speed of Lucio, allows you to push the ball faster and significantly increases the height of his jumps. In fact, this ability turns him into “Super-Lucio”. This innovation will benefit Lusibolu and you will have to taste.

But the most interesting thing that we did with Lusibolom this time – seriously raised the stakes. You can not just play in Lucibol, like last year. Now in the section “Arcade” there will be a new card – “Lucio Cup”. In fact, this is the competitive mode of Lucibol. Closer to the beginning of the Summer Games, we will tell more about them. “