Erik Barge works as a senior operational manager (COO, Chief Operating Officer) in one of the largest sporting e-sports organizations in the world – The Alliance. Why is the future of e-sports in the Overwatch game vague, and the future of Quake – obviously, we read in an interview with Erik Cybersport. Earlier, MidBet, an eSports bettting portal, published an interview with the co-owner of the club Digital Chaos and the commentator SUNSfan.

Erik, you have been working for COO in The Alliance for the last few months. Which of the directions in your organization are you going to develop in the future? You typed the players on the Hearthstone direction, created the Quake team …

Erik Barge: Yes, of course, the Quake team is a mix of some old pro gamers you know by the Strenx and Spart1e nicknames.

How do you see the future of Quake as eSports? This is one of the very first competitive shooters, by the way …

Erik Barge: I think, that Quake should take its place in modern e-sports. At least there is a place for him in the arena of shooters. Quake can definitely be what none of the other eSports games can. In it, for example, you can play with several opponents. Look at QuakeCon and you will see great potential in this.

Do you see the great eSports future of Overwatch? For example, I believe that the core of the game itself is excellent, but there are many problems in the e-sports around Overwatch, especially in the aspect of spectating.

Erik Barge: I do not really believe in Overwatch, so I hope Quake can take its place. Watch Overwatch needing in the finalization, but not in itself a game. For example, if you do not know the game, you can not even watch it as a fan. It’s impossible. And although the spectator qualities of the game can be improved, I do not think that this will be enough.

What do you think about the current DOTA 2 pro-stage? As a Swede, can the whole Swedish hangout of the DOT exist so on and on? You saw Ad Finem and the Greek teams and how they climbed in the last tournaments. Their success has been discussed many times, the same thing with The Alliance …

Erik Barge: The Swedish pro-stage is still very rich in talent. I know a lot of newcomers who can always get into the main cage of The Alliance. And if this year we did not look very, it does not mean anything.

Yuri Donchenko