The update of November 15, expanded the list of heroes hakersha Sombra. The game has a new map “Ekostantsiya Antarctica” and is now available game mode “Arcade”. Developers also forbidden to choose the same characters in the “Quick Play” and worked on the balance of heroes.

The new hero – Sombra

Sombra – a universal hero role of “Storm”. Damages at an average distance of his “submachine gun” and annoying opponents hacking techniques.


Breaking. Sombra breaks enemy, temporarily not allowing him to use abilities or Medkomplekt, making it useless to the enemy.

Disguise. Sombra for a short period of time becomes invisible, and her movement speed is increased significantly. If you use offensive abilities, applying or taking damage camouflage removed.

Translocator. Sombra throws beacon-translocator. While the beacon is active, it can instantly be transferred to it (even if it hangs in the air).

Pulse. Sombra emits a pulse of electromagnetic energy that destroys shields and barriers in a large radius and hacking all enemies caught in it. Opportunist (passive). Opponents of low-margin health Sombra can see through walls.

New map – “Ecostation:

Antarctica Map Arena for modes” Arcade “1×1 and 3×3. The first map of this type. Ekostantsiya Antarctica was built for the study of abnormal natural phenomena that began to emerge after the Rise of the Machines. Once on ekostantsii broke blizzard, and researchers have been cut off from civilization.

When food supplies began to come to an end, the scientists decided to dive into cryostasis, in the hope that someday Overwatch find and rescue them. But no one came to help. While scientists were cryogenically frozen, Overwatch disbanded, and all other ekostantsii closed. After many years of cryogenic sleep could be awakened only one researcher – it was May. The new regime – “Arcade”, “Arcade” – a game mode where players can take part in the matches of various formats with modified rules. It is a converted mode “Brawl.” “Arcade” was announced on November 4, 2016 at BlizzCon 2016.