The official statement from the “OG”:

Today – the beginning of a new chapter for the OG. We are pleased to announce you the “fresh blood”, which has expanded our ranks for the coming season in Dota 2. Veterans Dota-scenes – JerAx and Gustav “s4” Magnusson will defend the banner “OG” this season. Jesse “JerAx” Vaynekka – true God among the people with his play on the roamyaschih (gangayuschiya role, always moved by all the cards on the different types of support service, and Gustav “s4” Magnusson – is “the son of Magnus,” which everyone is afraid he plays on his own. rules and bring to our arsenal of rich experience Finally, we are pleased to announce a new member of our family -.. Anatai ‘Ana’ Pham “Ana” devoted himself to the game, having spent time in China and hone your skills as a part of “Invictus Gaming” Young blood ready. to move to Western Europe and complement our squad. We’re incredibly excited about our growing family and look forward to debut in the near future. a sincere thank you to our fans who showed their support, despite the ups and downs. you motivate us to be better. Let’s #DreamGreentogether.

Will the guys repeat the previous composition of the successes seen in the near future, we recall that the “OG” last season won two Major-tournament of “Valve”. It was on “The Frankfurt Major 2016” and “The Manila Major 2016” “OG content” got hold of the coveted trophy and a considerable amount of monetary compensation. Very pleased with the fact that many players are moving from China, Korea and other continents to Europe. This further fuels the interest in the matches, because never before had such a large number of players of different continents in the compositions.

Current members “OG”:

Tal ‘Fly’ Isaac

Johan ‘n0tail’ Sundshtayn

Jesse ‘JerAx’ Vainikka

Gustav ‘s4’ Magnusson

Anatai ‘Ana’ Pham