Team Natus Vincere G2A refused to participate in the third show-tournament from the series Betway Arena King of the Hill, where he was to meet with G2A. A report on this appeared on the official website of the Ukrainian organization.

Update: After receiving all the details of the show-match, Natus Vincere G2A refused to participate in the tournament, as the activities of tournament organizers intersect with the interests of one of the current partners of Ukrainian multi-gaming.

The original text of the news:

Teams G2A and Natus Vincere will play in the third show-tournament of the series Betway Arena King of the Hill. The game will be held on March 24 at 21:00 Moscow time. In the match to three wins, the teams will play $ 5 thousand dollars, of which $ 4 thousand will go to the winner.

According to the rules of the Betway Arena series King of the Hill, the tournament winner must play in the next stage against the new challenger. Betway Arena King of the Hill # 2 won Evil Geniuses, but, for unknown reasons, they will not be able to continue participating in the series. A total of five mini-tournaments Betway Arena King of the Hill.

In each of them, two teams participate, which play one match in a format up to three wins. The winner receives $ 4 thousand and a slot in the next draw. The loser earns a thousand dollars and flies out. The first two tournaments won Evil Geniuses. In the first they outplayed compLexity Gaming, and in the second – Team Onyx. The series is held by the organizers of moonduckTV with the support of the bookmaker office Betway.