Carry Cloud9 Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi appreciated Team Liquid’s chances of remaining in NA LCS in an interview for the cybersport portal. He also told how the game Cloud9 was changing during the spring split and what prevented the team from performing well in the last weeks.

About the style of the game Cloud9

“In the first two weeks [NA LCS] we played weird. Jensen took champions, which should be split, but the rest did not understand how to act. Usually he won matches or Impact: they tied a good fight on the top or bottom line, and we got control over the card.

Then it ceased to work. The most difficult was in the first fight with FlyQuest, although we won. <…> I also had to change strategies. Of the assassins, only Talon remained at the meeting, Orianna and Vladimir became more frequent, and Ryze weakened the most powerful splitpusher. “

About the problems at the end of the split

“We win uncertainly mainly because we are ganked. On the first map [of the match with Team Dignitas], the forester attacked the forester, but everyone is already fighting, and the topers are teleported to the fight. Before the eighth week there were mixed training. It became clear that Vladimir was strong and his comrades practiced on him. It turned out he could be resisted, but we were shown suitable champions only the day before the official matches. In addition, a bad draft was affected. “

About Team Liquid

“I do not know what happened to the team. In the composition there is Reignover, who was called the most expensive player of the West. Analysts predicted that this would be the year [of the topper] Lourlo, and Piglet returned. I guess the problem was not in goldenglue: just did not play. Perhaps the coaching staff did not analyze the matches well. I do not think that Team Liquid will leave LCS.

I do not know who the team will meet [in the first round of the Promotion Tournament], and I did not play with the Challenger Series, but they are probably weak. It will be a pity if Team Liquid will leave the league. “