Riot Games League of Legends has updated to version 6.23. Changes were about a dozen characters, a few items, the card interface and a new game client, which is in beta testing. minor bugs have also been corrected. On the test server Riot Games has added a new character Camille. Camilla is a hero melee attack. According to Riot Games, it may well prove themselves in fights alone. From the hero’s strengths developers noted its mobility and potential duel. With the right items and the right capabilities, it can show a good game during the split-pushing, do not give rest to enemy heroes on all lines.

At the same time, the developers say that Camille is not suitable for inexperienced players because of its complexity. When playing for it is not necessary to initiate fights in five by five, as well as take part in other clashes in the mass. Playing for Camilla to fear abilities, beating area. At the moment, Camilla available on the test server. On the primary server, a new hero will appear in two weeks.

Passive skill: Adaptive Protection

– Once on auto attack champion, Camilla received a shield from the main damage to the target. The effectiveness of the shield depends on the maximum health Camilla

[Q]: Protocol accuracy

– Next auto attack cuts the enemy, causing additional physical damage and increases movement speed for a short Camilla. A short time after the first use of Camilla can reactivate and cause another blow. When she was a little wait, the second attack will cause additional damage, some of which will be clean.


– Tactical sway Camilla stores energy and then releases it in front of him in the form of a cone, dealing physical damage to all affected targets. Enemies on the outside half of the field effect’s duration slows down and get an additional damage based on their maximum health, and she Camilla is treated in the process.

[E] (first application):

– Shot hook Camilla shoots a hook in the desired direction. When you hit the wall, it is attracted to her. For some time thereafter may use Camille Charge to the wall.

[E] (second application):

– Charge the wall Camille makes a breakthrough in this direction, stopping near the first champion on the road and stunning all enemies around. If Camilla hurt the champion during the dash, and the range of its attack speed increase.


– Hekstekovy ultimatum Camilla jumps on the selected enemy champion, enclosing it within range of skills and pushing its allies. While the skill is active, the enemy can not leave the area. After a certain time zone is deactivated (output Camilla from the core and leads to its deactivation). When you are in the effect’s duration zone Camilla deals additional magic damage when using auto attack.