After Team Empire lost its place in the Continental League, from the unit for League Of Legends almost could not hear the news … until today.

Today the organization is pleased to present the updated composition, which will play in the League of Participants. By Vladislav Antariys currants, the only “old man” in the team, joined by Roman generals Ques, Pyrex Alexander Stepanenko, MID666 Maxim Tarasov and Vladislav Kinzu Belokon. Player of the replacement act Leo Moor1s Kvich.

Athletic Director Team Empire, Alexander StrangeR Solomon, said the completion of the organization:

“After years of split LCL we took a break. It was important to make out the mistakes and understand how to move on. As a result, it was decided to collect a new composition with a clean slate.

First of all, we were looking for a coach, and I’m very pleased that Philip now occupies this position. We immediately found a common language, which is very important when working together. Unveiled today, the composition was collected in November last year. Players and coaches have done a great job, confirming that they are worthy to serve under the Empire Tagged Two and a half months.

Now the team is at the bootcamp, which is preparing for his first match in the UEFA Participants. The problem is only one – to return to LCL on the results of the spring split, and we have every chance to perform it. “

Also shared his commentary coach ended on League Of Legends, Philip Haduken Romanov:

“In 2017 I had planned, I’ll be just like before, deal only with intelligence, but an offer to become part of one of the leading organizations in the CIS, and even more responsible position, was too tempting.

Having studied the Meta and the CIS scene, we focus on a common goal – access to the LCL, and make every effort to return to the Empire in the race for the title of best team of the CIS. “

The first games of Team Empire will be held on February 7-8.

The composition of the Team Empire for League Of Legends:

  • Ques Roman generals – the top line (Captain)
  • Alexander Stepanenko Pyrex – Forest
  • MID666 Maxim Tarasov – MFA
  • Vladislav Kinzu Belokon – Shooter
  • Vladislav Antariys Smorodin – Support
  • Leo Moor1s Kvich – replacement player
  • coach – Philip Haduken Romanov.