On the night of 29 of October 30, the Korean team won the SK Telecom T1 on the League of Legends World Cup champion, beating Samsung team in the final. For SK Telecom T1 is the third such title – in 2013 and 2015 it had already become a world champion. At the end of the Korean team played a full series of best-of-5.

The first two cards picked SK Telecom T1. However, it was unable to complete the meeting as “dry”, and Samsung equalized to draw. In the decisive battle won by SK Telecom T1, thereby earning $ 2 million. The Samsung took away the $ 760.5 thousand. SK Telecom T1 showed good results in the group stage. She lost only once Flash Wolves team in the first round. In all other matches, the Koreans prevailed. Their opponent in the finals came from the group with the same result in a loss: Samsung is not defeated in the first round Team SoloMid.

It is worth noting the performance Albus NoX Luna, who became the sole representative of the CIS at the World Cup for the last three years. The team went out of their group with a second place and went into the World Cup playoffs. But Albus NoX Luna immediately lost in the quarterfinals of H2k-Gaming team and won 5-8 place. 2016 Season World Championship took place from 29 September to 29 October in the US. The group stage was played in San Francisco, he passed the quarter-finals in Chicago, the semi-finals – in New York. Finals held in Los Angeles.

The total prize pool of over $ 5 million. This amount has been achieved through the sale of in-game items, produced specifically for the World Cup. Initially, the team struggled for $ 2.1 million.

The distribution of the prize fund 1 to 4th place:

SK Telecom T1 – $ 2 million.

Samsung – $ 760,5 thousand.

ROX Tigers – $ 380,3 thousand.

H2k-Gaming – $ 380,3 thousand.