Topper Team EnVyUs Shing “Seraph” Wu Yong shared his feelings from the unfortunate period in North America in an interview with the cybersport. He also told why he was wary of the successful start of the summer split of NA LCS, and named the most important quality of the team.

About the start of the summer split

“Everything is much better than in the spring, but I’m still nervous. We also started 4-0, when Team EnVyUs signed me, but in the end the team relaxed and we lost 9-10 matches. This does not allow you to calm down now. In the spring, it was not a problem with communication: everyone wanted to play in their own way. This time we rallied around LirA and left our own wishes. This is not always the right approach, but teamwork inevitably improves when five players go to the same goal. ”

About lesions

“I lost confidence in myself. When I first came to North America, I was always angry because of the defeats. Now this has become dull. I learned how to approach the defeats with prudence and learn from them. Previously, I was offended when we lost training matches, and left in a solitary queue, but now I reflect more “.

About the most important quality of the team

“Vera. If one player is branded bad, then problems begin even when choosing champions. For example, this is a toper – and then he is forced to play on tanks, because he allegedly can not perform on kerri. Miders in such cases are forced to take Lulu. In the game, it’s also important to believe, because it happens that one of your lines is behind, and the other is in the lead. I need to know that my comrades will drag me, even if I lag behind the gold on the line. If there is not one, then the game does not add up. ”

Team EnVyUs won three matches out of six in 2017 NA LCS Summer Split. The team shares third place with Echo Fox and Cloud9.