It’s no secret that the European Division European League Championship Series (EU LCS) has serious problems with the audience. And it happens not for one year against the background of the growth of spectators in the similar North American League NA LCS. Sources ESPN in the EU LCS, reported that the organizer of the League of Legends in Europe Riot Games plans to split the League into 4 divisions: London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. This will happen already in the summer split of the EU LCS in 2018. Earlier portal  of great bets on eSports published the first interview of the player Natus Vincere RodjER.
According to the edition of theScore Esports, for more than two years now, as the European Premier League League of Legends, the EU LCS has faced problems of falling audiences while the NA LCS in the North American League has been growing. In this regard, as well as the fact that following the results of the EU LCS League in 2017, the H2k-Gaming team (and some other clubs) demanded to change the format of income distribution. For these reasons, Riot will split the EU LCS into separate 4 leagues. At the same time, in each of the new regional leagues there will be 6 teams, the best 2 of which will be the spots in the international league. In this league there will be only 16 teams with a group stage and Playoff, which will be played out according to the classical double-elimination bracket.

“It’s not good that G2 wins all the time. I’m serious.
I watch every match and watch the game of each team, even the one that is in the last place. Predictability is a scourge of play in our region. This is not in NA LCS. This is the difference “

Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez, owner and CEO of the G2 Esports club

In the coming months, it will be known in which division the current EU LCS League will get the current 10 participants. It is also known that clubs such as Misfits, G2 Esports, Fnatic and Splyce have applied to participate in the North American League NA LCS following the results of the summer split of 2017.

Yuri Donchenko