Team Royal Never Give Up (RNG) successfully started the group stage of the 2017 World Cup, which is held in China. After several days of competition, the team confidently won first place by winning 3 matches out of 3. After the first match with Fenerbahçe Esports, the Cybersport journalist talked with key players of the Royal Never Give Up “Xiaohu” (mid) and “Uzi” (AD) key excerpts from which offers you on the portal of fair betting on eSports. Earlier we published an interview with the player Space Soldiers Can “XANTARES” Dortkardes.

Question to Xiaohu. During the last Championship you played the Ryze character in one of your matches, but did not play very well. Have you tried to prove anything to yourself today by choosing Ryze in the first match?

Xiaohu: Not really. We understood that Ryze is very suitable and has every chance of success in this game.

On the eve of the first match today there was a video with the fans who support you in every tournament. Can you tell them something?

Xiaohu: I would like to thank them for their support. If there is a chance … it does not matter. In general, here it is (laughs).

Fenerbahçe Esports passed into the group stage as “dark horses”, having passed the stage of the Play-In Stage. After playing with FB, how would you rate them?

Uzi: They played very well. But they do not have enough experience of performances on the big stage, which led to a lot of mistakes.

In your current group, which of the teams, in your opinion, is the greatest threat to you?

Uzi: It seems to me that both SSG and G2 teams are very strong and able to give us a fight.

Are you sure that you will leave the first place in Group C?

RNG players together: YES!

This year the Championship is held in China. What are your impressions from the first matches?

Xiaohu: From the very beginning, since China is our native land, we receive tremendous support. It definitely strengthens our morale when we hear our names from a crowd of fans. We also feel some stiffness, as we must now win every match that we play.

It was your first match at the 2017 Season World Championship. How would you rate your performance today?

Uzi: I would say at 7-8 (from 10). In fact, we did not play badly, but it could have been better.

Yuri Donchenko