Topper Fnatic Paul “sOAZ” Bowyer told about the coaches on the League of Legends in an interview with Blitz Esports. He also remembered what he learned for the unsuccessful season in Origen, and called the position he would like to play.

About Origen

“The first matches in the Challenger Series were very difficult. Spectators expected a lot from the team, because of what we played worse than usual. It was better when they went to [EU] LCS, although it was not so easy as it seemed to the fans. In the first year playing for Origen was very nice. Before that, I only spoke with xPeke, and with beginners it’s always interesting.

You learn a lot about them during the season, and some become friends. In 2016 there was a decline, but I learned a lot. For example, play more for yourself than for a team. Earlier, I took champions-kerry and too much helped my comrades, because of what I lost pressure on the top line. To become selfish, mithy helped me. I also learned how to coordinate, when there was no one after the changes on the eve of the summer split. ”

About the Support Role

“I would like to play on the support, because with you on the line of a friend. If you played well, then you will have an advantage over the duo that just assembled. Learning and growing together is also interesting. ”

About trainers

“The coach should both understand the game, and be able to build a team. It also requires charisma, and finding a suitable mentor is hard, because they are mostly young.

Perhaps, knowledgeable and charismatic coaches will appear only after several players complete their careers. If the coach does not understand the League of Legends, players will not be able to respect him. Some lose faith in the coach in a week, although it is difficult for the coach to always do the right thing. In addition, young players are often influenced by the community and comrades. “