Natus Vincere announced the composition of the League of Legends for the upcoming season. Kerry’s position was made by a former player Albus NOX Luna Vladislav «aMiracle» Shcherbina. Close to ANOX source told, that all the players on the team ended kontrakty.Vladislav «aMiracle» Shcherbina came to Hard Random, which later signed the organization Albus NoX, in December 2015.

With him the team won the spring and summer splits LCL in 2016, ranked second in the 2016 International Wild Card Invitational and won the ticket for 2016 Season World Championship. At the world championships Albus NoX Luna left the playoffs in the quarterfinals and lost to H2k-Gaming.

November 21 Captain Cyril «Likkrit» Malofeev team tweeted that his contract with the organization ended and he is open to offers from other teams. One of the known sources confirmed that of the other players at the moment there is no contract with ANOX.

The company’s management did not comment on the information. As part of Natus Vincere will also play Ruslan «Gumbeq» Pozdnyakov, Sebastian «niQ» Roebuck, Simon «Zvene» Links and Arthur «SKasH» Ermolaev.

Team members Albus NoX Luna:

  • Cyril «Likkrit» Malofeev (?)
  • Dmitry «Smurf» Ivanov (?)
  • Michael «Kira» Garmash (?)
  • Alexander «PvPStejos» Glazkov (?)

Natus Vincere Team Composition:

  • Vladislav «aMiracle» Sherbina
  • Ruslan «Gumbeq» Pozdnyakov
  • Sebastian «niQ» Roebuck
  • Simon «Zvene» links
  • Arthur «SKasH» Yermolaev