Week 3 Day 1

SinoDragon Gaming and Vici Gaming traded games at the beginning of the set, resulting in a decider map having to be played. There, Vici Gaming’s young squad has finally picked up their first win on the board, as they secured multiple team fights in a row to take the series for themselves, moving up in the table.

OMG hosted Victory Five, who were yet to win a set this season as well, but it was all about them that day, as back-to-back Riven picks paid off massively, getting Victory Five all the needed advantages to clinch the series win and move up in the LPL standings, earning a much-needed result.

Week 3 Day 2

Going to Hangzhou, Topsports Gaming needed a win to close out the week for themselves with a required result, as LGD Gaming could not put up enough of a fight against one of the tournament favorites, leaving themselves as the only team in the league without a series win after that day, while Topsports Gaming improved their position near the top of the standings.

In Xi’an, Team WE hosted EDward Gaming in what is considered as one of the biggest rivalries in LPL, and it was a back and forth game one to take everyone’s attention. EDward Gaming nearly made it back after coming back from a massive deficit, but Team WE’s young squad not only closed the map with a win but stormed through the second game as well, winning their first series of the season, ending up the third week on a high note as they moved up in the LPL standings.

Week 3 Day 3

Snake Esports looked strong at the beginning of their series against Invictus Gaming in Chongqing, but the favorites came back in their signature fashion through the relentless skirmishing, putting up a show and closing out the series in two games, recovering after their recent loss to Jindong Gaming.

Back to Shanghai, Suning and FunPlus Phoenix faced for a chance to top the LPL table, as the former started with a convincing win in game one. They looked out of control in game two as well, but the latter came back from a nearly insurmountable deficit to force the third map. Decider was back and forth as well, as teams sacrificed different lanes to get advantage, but when it looked as Suning’s composition is finally able to not only fight for the objectives, but storm through the game, FunPlus Phoenix secured a key Elder Dragon in addition to the Baron Nashor and won the match, solidifying themselves as the current number one team in LPL as the league is going on a two week-long break to celebrate Chinese New Year.