Week 2 Day 1

To begin the second week, Bilibili Gaming, who have already picked up a win during the first one, faced off against OMG in the latter’s home arena in Chengdu. The former looked strong to start the games, but twice in a row, in a signature OMG’s fashion, games turned into a battle arena. The home team felt powerful in such conditions and dictated the pace, using the skill of their players, crushing through the series and picking up the first series win in this LPL season.

Back to Shanghai, the reigning World Champions Invictus Gaming faced off against an upstart squad from Rogue Warriors, who looked promising during the games against the heavy favorite. In the end, however, it was still iG, who made better decisions when it mattered the most, as the series ended up with two consecutive wins in their favor.

Week 2 Day 2

One of the newest additions to the league, SinoDragon Gaming came to Chongqing for the first time to face off against Snake Esports and beginning of the games were about the hometown heroes. Snake Esports rampaged through the maps and looked to pick up a yet another series win this season, but SinoDragon Gaming outlasted the favorites and made it out with a victory, putting themselves in a solid position in the middle of the pack amongst Chinese elite.

Now in Beijing, where Royal Never Give Up hosted Hangzhou’s finest, LGD Gaming, games went back and forth despite teams being considered on the very different level at the point. LGD Gaming picked up the first game, running around the map and looking like a strong squad, but the reigning LPL champions responded well by equalizing the score in the following game. Once again a competitive game to end the series, it was Royal Never Give Up, who came up on top, closing the best of three with an overall victory to their name.

Week 2 Day 3

One of the LPL favorites, Suning, arrived in Xi’an to face off against Team WE to start the third day during the second week. Back and forth in game one, it took multiple key decisions for Suning to run away with the map before following it up with a second win in a row, taking a victory in the series and escaping the road game with a much-needed result for themselves.

In the central match of the day, however, FunPlus Phoenix played Jindong Gaming in Beijing. Both teams favor a heavy skirmishing style of play, but this day it was all about FunPlus Phoenix, whose early game decision making gave them enough of a leverage to hold on against the late JD Gaming attempts to come back into the set and kept them at the very top of the league after few days of play.

Week 2 Day 4

Victory Five and Bilibili Gaming clashed on the fourth day of the second week for a chance to move into the middle of the pack. Victory Five looked convincing at the beginning of the set, but Bilibili Gaming’s mix of experience and youth repelled the aggression and fought back, picking up two wins in a row to close out the series in their favor.

EDward Gaming started with a relatively convincing win over Vici Gaming at start of their match, but Vici Gaming’s young squad responded in style, fighting their way to an equalizer. EDward Gaming had to pull all the stops to come back during the third map and it worked for one of the biggest organizations in the history of LPL, as they secured the series win and moved up in the standings after a yet another day of play.

Week 2 Day 5

In a battle between the teams without a series win, Rogue Warriors faced off against LGD Gaming and started with a victory on the first map. LGD Gaming replied with a win of their own, but in the end, it was Rogue Warriors, who forced their way through the third map, picking up the first best of three this season.

In Chengdu OMG, who has already won one set this week, hosted Topsports Gaming, one of the favorites to win the entire LPL this season. A pair of wins for the Demacia Cup Winter Championship 2018 finalists allowed Topsports Gaming to escape OMG’s arena with a sweep, keeping themselves around the top of the table after two weeks of play.

Week 2 Day 6

Suning continued their road trip, this time going to Chongqing, where Snake Esports looked in control once again at the beginning of the matches. However, as the games got further into the middle stages, it was all about Suning, who picked up two wins in succession, putting yet another victory on the board this spring.

Invictus Gaming started with a win in the last series of the week, but JD Gaming fought back in game two, crushing through the reigning World Champions’ draft and taking series to the final map. There, JD Gaming once again looked in control, but Invictus Gaming nearly managed to take the game for themselves, as they found multiple skirmishes and transitioned it into the important objectives. However, the deficit proved to be too much to handle, as JDG picked up a win over iG, moving themselves up in the table to close out Week 2.