Week 1 Day 1

Starting the new season of a rebranded league, Team Liquid faced off against Cloud9 in what was the highly anticipated matchup. New C9 roster was keeping up in pace until the middle stages of the game, where the star-studded lineup of the reigning champions pushed the limits and got their first win on the board, beginning the new season on a high note. Another matchup, which was considered to be worthy of a prize match, was not as good looking as the first one since 100 Thieves looked out of tools against Team SoloMid, who outlasted the contenders and got their first win of the new season.

Counter Logic Gaming’s lineup was making picks on the map, but OpTic Gaming, despite landing multiple benchwarmers for the opening match, decisively took multiple team fights in a row and picked up a victory, moving up in the standings. Golden Guardians, who looked to make playoffs for the first time in the history of the organization this season, were routed by FlyQuest’s roams towards the bot lane, who refused to accept their laning struggles and won the game. In the last match of the day, Clutch Gaming faced off against Echo Fox, who had multiple players, who played for Clutch Gaming last year, but proved that everything was worth, as they won the game, ending up the first day with a much-needed result.

Week 1 Day 2

OpTic Gaming was controlling the game for the first couple of minutes, but in the middle of the match, FlyQuest started to come back due to their flanking abilities, taking the second win this week and sitting on top of the table after first two days of play in LCS. Cloud9 extended 100 Thieves struggles from yesterday as well, as the reigning World Championship semifinalists massacred one of the expected favorites to pick up a fast win, ending up the week with a required result for themselves.

Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid played a very slow game, but as every CLG’s attempt to make a pick was repelled by the reigning champions, eventually TL was strong enough to power through and close the game in their favor, moving to the first place in the scoreboard. Besides FlyQuest and Team Liquid, Clutch Gaming emerged as a team without a loss during Week 1, as they came back from a deficit against Team SoloMid and after taking multiple team fights, won the second game in a row. Echo Fox and Golden Guardians were even until the certain point where the latter’s communication seemed to be not in sync, as the former took their first map win this season, closing out the first week in North American LCS in the new, 2019 season.