Week 3 Day 1

In a battle of the upstarts, DAMWON Gaming looked to rebound themselves after the last week, while SANDBOX Gaming aimed to keep their perfect series score to solidify their positions before a Chinese New Year break. The latter opened the series with a win, but the former fought back in game two, forcing a decider. Surviving some issues during the game, SANDBOX Gaming still emerged victorious, handling DAMWON Gaming another loss in a row and solidifying themselves as a contender for the top spot in the LCK Spring 2019.

Afreeca Freecs continued to pick different champions and try to make everything work, as Jin Air Green Wings did not look prepared to all the tricks in the bag from a creative squad. While the first game looked competitive, the second one turned into a massacre after few mistakes made by Jin Air Green Wings, as Afreeca Freecs won their second series this season, trying to keep themselves in contention for at least the playoffs spot for now.

Week 3 Day 2

In a highly anticipated match of the week, Griffin faced off against SK Telecom T1 in what was considered as the likely final of the LCK Spring 2019. However, that game did not indicate that it would be any close, even if it happens in a few months time, as Griffin left SK Telecom T1 with nearly nothing in game one before almost doing the same in game two, keeping their score perfect for now.

KT Rolster found enough neutral objectives in the first game to take a win and looked to do the same in game two, as they have punished Gen.G’s mistakes and got close to the Nexus, but Gen.G responded with a multitude of kills and turned the game around in their favor. The third map was back and forth, but when it looked like KT Rolster are going to outscale their opponents, KeSPA Cup 2018 silver medalists exploded with multiple won skirmishes, picking up the series win and rising up in the LCK Spring 2019 table.