Week 1 Day 1

Opening the new season was SK Telecom T1, who rebuilt their lineup to a star-studded level once again and Jin Air Green Wings, the polar opposite, who were put up by nearly everyone to be at the very bottom of LCK in the spring season. The expectations paid off during the first match, as Jin Air Green Wings looked decent in the early stages of both maps, but SK Telecom T1 reigned over the Summoner’s Rift, earning their first series win this year.

Gen.G aimed to continue their recent success as they finished in the finals of KeSPA Cup with their new roster, but DAMWON Gaming climbed back from the deficit in game one before doing nearly the same in game two, winning their first series in LCK after being promoted to the elite status a few months ago.

Week 1 Day 2

KT Rolster with their new lineup looked in control of the first series of the day, winning the game, but Hanwha Life Esports, despite some lower expectations after their collapse during the KeSPA Cup, roared back with nearly flawless skirmishing and early game prowess, taking two maps in a row to win their first match of the new LCK season.

KeSPA Cup winners, however, were not to be stopped that day, as Griffin came determined into a matchup against King-Zone DragonX and despite some flashes of brilliance from King-Zone DragonX’s bot lane, it was all about Griffin, who won two maps in a row with a relative ease, putting themselves in control of the LCK Spring 2019.

Week 1 Day 3

Gen.G looked to rebound after suffering a loss earlier this week, but SANDBOX Gaming, unexpectedly for the most, rampaged through the series, showcasing a variety of different picks and highlight-reel plays, winning two maps in a row to celebrate their first victory in LCK after getting promoted as Team BattleComics few months prior to that.

SANDBOX Gaming was not the only debutants that day, as Afreeca Freecs played their first match as well, but it was all about SK Telecom T1, who were in control from start to finish, sweeping both matches this week to cement their spot on top of the table after three days of play in the South Korean premier league.

Week 1 Day 4

KT Rolster aimed to recover after losing their first match this week but could not hold on to their massive lead in the opening map, as DAMWON Gaming, once again, showcased their ability to play from behind and come back. The second map was all about the newcomers, however, as DAMWON Gaming moved to the top of the table, yet to drop a single map in LCK after being promoted to it.

Griffin kept their winning streak alive as well, as Jin Air Green Wings were only able to show some resistance to the league’s biggest favorite, but in the end it was still a two games set going the way of the reigning LCK vice-champions, who joined the group on top of the table with four wins and zero losses to their name.

Week 1 Day 5

King-Zone DragonX had a lead in both maps, but could not convert, similarly to the KeSPA Cup, as SANDBOX Gaming continued to impress the crowd with their jungle spearheading the offense. Crushing the King-Zone DragonX’s defense in the second game was a nail in the coffin, as SANDBOX Gaming closed the series in their favor, moving to the first place after the first week among elite teams from the region.

Afreeca Freecs was seeking redemption for losing to SK Telecom T1 earlier this week, but instead, the league got split into two halves, as Hanwha Life Esports continued where they started a few days ago, sweeping the series and winning the second match of the week for themselves.