Top SK SK Telecom T1 Heo “Huni” Seung Hung told about the return to South Korea of the cybersport portal, which specializes in the discipline League of Legends. He explained why it was difficult to adapt to SKT because of performances in the West, and he remembered the fears of the transition.

On the transition to SKT

“SK Telecom T1 was among several LCK teams that offered me a contract. Sensations are unreal. I could not even imagine that I would go to SKT. The best team in the world, two wins at world championships in a row … I did not understand what was happening.

I realized that I would not get a chance in life better, and started negotiations. I was afraid that there would be no rest in SKT at all. This was indicated by the rating matches: in every match I met with the players of the team. Of course, you can take a vacation. He needs players, and even the coaching staff wants to rest. “

On adaptation

“The level in North America and Europe is lower. Korean legionnaires need more than home. I was pressured to do more and more, not to play defense. When the game is equal or opponents are leading, I felt that it was necessary to reverse the course of the match. Because of this, he became a toper who prefers champions-kerry. Now I’m trying to adapt to the SKT style. Of course, there were problems, many problems, but this is normal. “

About Faker

“Faker is much better than everyone thinks. He always wins, but does not lose his motivation. LoL is a team game. If two people do not work hard, the rest will be exhausted. When you do not see the fire in the eyes of your comrades, then it goes out too. “