The team has a new Echo Fox Toper – instead of the Park «kfo» Jeong Hun will play next season Jang «Looper» Hyung Seok, who has previously played for Royal Never Give Up. To replace in the club manager told reporters Yahoo Esports. Jang «Looper» Hyung Seok started his playing career in the League of Legends in 2013 as part of MVP Ozone. From September 2013 to November 2014 he played for the team Samsung Galaxy White, which was the version 2014 Season World Championship World Champion.

He then moved to the Chinese region, which plays in the Team WE Academy, Masters3 and Royal Never Give Up. With the latest win LPL Spring 2016 ranked second in the LPL Summer 2016 and 5-8 place for 2016 Season World Championship.

Park «kfo» Jeong Hoon played for the Echo Fox in the early playing career. In 2016, he played 12 matches in the NA LCS Spring 2016 and 42 games in the NA LCS Summer 2016. At the end of the summer season, Echo Fox took the last place in the stage, but failed to break through the play-offs in the NA LCS Spring 2017 Promotion.

November 22 the composition Echo Fox left a support Terry «BiG» Chong. At the moment, the team is still no player support. According to unconfirmed information, the new season the team may also join former player NRG eSports – Lucas «Santorin» Larsen and Eugene «Pobelter» Park of the Immortals.

The composition of the Echo Fox:

Henrik «Froggen» Hansen

Juri «Keith» Jow

Anthony «Hard» Barhovtsev

Jang «Looper» Hyung Seok