League of Legends World Championship 2019 is at the finish line: only three matches remaining. Thus, we saw enough to highlight the trends of the tournament, even though it’s not finished yet. Let’s see what’s happening in the pinnacle of the LoL professional scene.

Invictus Gaming is Still on Fire

Many were in doubt if the 2018 world champions are in shape to fight for the trophy again because they didn’t play as good throughout the year. But they don’t doubt anymore, as IG destroyed the Koreans from Griffin 3 to 1. Their game looked solid enough to stomp the semifinals as well if they manage to keep it. Currently, it seems that they will.

SKT T1 is Aiming for One More Championship

There was a time when SKT was winning Worlds after Worlds, and some could say that it wasn’t even enjoyable anymore. But in the recent two years, however, they didn’t: Samsung won in 2017, and last year, SKT didn’t also make it to the tournament. This year they are in the Ro.4 again, and the only map they lost so far against Fnatic was pretty much due to overextending. If you need to bet on the team to win LoL Worlds right now, pick SKT T1.

FunPlus Phoenix is Way Stronger Than Expected

The top-1 Chinese team didn’t do too well in the group stage, so many experts thought they would lose to the runner-up of last Worlds, Fnatic. But the Chinese team surprised everyone crushing Fnatic in the round-of-4. The core part of these games is not just the result but the fact that Fnatic couldn’t even do much. For example, their top-laner Bwipo, who ranked in the top-15 of the EU server for years, went 0-8 in one of the games. All in all, you don’t want to underestimate FunPlus Phoenix.

The Last European Hope is Still Alive

G2 keeps fighting! They started the central part of the Worlds perfectly, nearly making it 6 to 0, but then lost one map and the tie-breaker. Thus, they had to play against DAMWON, the top-3 Korean team. That was an awesome fight to watch, and it wasn’t easy, as G2 only won it 3:2. They have SKT T1 next, which may become too much of a challenge, but at least Europe has their team in the top-4, which is not bad at all.

The Other EU Teams Didn’t Do As Good

Splyce showed a good game overall, losing to SKT T1 in the round-of-8, where they were at least able to take one map. It’s hard to say what will happen to the team next because, as you may remember, the OverActive Media company, which is to own the Splyce brand, decided to shut it down in September. Most likely, they will re-brand the team to Mad Lions — a Spanish Esports team that OAM acquired too. However, a lot of Splyce employees have left already, so it’s hard to say which players will remain after the season.

Regarding Fnatic, they played poorly. Hylissang barely hit any Pike’s hooks, Bwipo‘s Kyle went 0 to 8, and Garen and Yumi at Worlds? Anyway, the team needs a reset, and it’s hard to way if they will as well decide to change some of the players.

The final part of the playoffs will kick off on November 2 and 3, starting at 11:00 GMT. Make sure to tune in — some good League of Legends is just around the corner!