Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey the French player FaZe Clan (from April 2016). He is 22 years old and a professional since 2011. During this time he earned more than $ 230 thousand dollars in 90 official tournaments. At the same time, 47% of its revenues it has collected in the tournament in 2015. He won the Major DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca in 2015, and was second in the Major ESL One: Cologne 2015. In the past year, the number of his trophies replenished “gold” at the Global eSports Cup – Season 1 as part of Team EnVyUs team for which he played a year and a half before Faze.

The winners of the group stage ELEAGUE Major 2017

In the group stage of the first Major this year won at FaZe FlipSid3 Tactics (Ukraine), Team Liquid (USA) and former team kioShiMa Team EnVyUs (France). However, losses SK Gaming (Brazil) and Gambit Gaming (Kazakhstan) did not allow the club to climb higher in the standings. In the second round group stage FaZe lost SK de_mirage 17:19 on overtime. Is French Will of “clan” to reconsider their tactics and beat the Brazilians in the Quarterfinal? Answers can be obtained after reading an interview with a player, this reporters eSports portal HLTV.

– You guys started with a victory over the F3 and loss at SK in a difficult match. How did you feel at this early stage of the tournament?

kioShiMa: We feel very confident, because I came well prepared. We started the game with FlipSid3 Tactics and it was very, very hard not to. After that we played with SK … (thinking). Yes … we first won 15-9, but lost. But then we played with the Liquid with regained confidence.

– You hit the top 8 teams who have been in the Playoffs, but the struggle continues. From a certain point of view, you might have to pack your bags and go home. What do you think about the game in the quarter-finals, playing Bo3 with SK?

kioShiMa: On the way to the quarter-finals we will be happy to meet face to face with SK Gaming. When we first played them, we lost. But we have lost, leading to a 15-9 run at the start of the match. We made a number of errors and it should not happen again. I believe that if we have a good spirit, we will not lose. And as Bo3 format (play up to two wins), then I think it’s better than Bo1 at the moment for us.

Yuri Donchenko