A couple of hours will be the Final of the tournament IEM XI World Championship, where the world best team Astralis will confirm (or not confirm) their status with FaZe Clan. HLTV Reporters interviewed the FaZe player Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiye, who recently joined the composition of the “restless”. Best portal of the eSports bets CybBet have repeatedly written about this talented French player. Dramatic CSGO match of the Final will be held today at CybBet.com. Among the participants of the applicant for the champion trophy and Bosnian player Nikola “NiKo” Kovacs, who joined in FaZe Clan of mousesports on the eve of the tournament.

kioShiMa on ESL One Cologne 2016

– The only team that you lost in the group stage was Astralis (de_train 8:16). How do you assess the performance of his team in the group as a whole?

kioShiMa: I estimate well. You see, we did not have enough time to prepare for that time. We had somewhere 3 or so days. So we played bad, and against Astralis including. In fact, due to the loss of points in the clutches 7 result should be different. We could even win the match.

The gap between the rivals – significant

I like the tie-break format. Also, it was at last Major at the Swiss format. Because you can not miss a single mistake, as in the “best-of-one” (Bo1). If you have a good team, if you have prepared maps, we practiced a lot, you do not make so many mistakes and pass the group. Even in the tiebreak. I like this format. This is something new, intense and what players really want to try. Just doing their job, even if it’s for five hours – a tie-break game again and again. As for me, it’s great for the spectators too. They should love it just as well as the players.

Yuri Donchenko