David Moo Hull – the only American in the current roster Digital Chaos. Moo is 20 years and he is in the Top-80 of the best DotA players in the world. David Digital Chaos team took 2 nd place in Group B of the tournament The International 2016, which is now in Seattle, USA. The matches of the group round of the Digital Chaos broke such giants of the world of DotA as Newbee, Team Secret and Team Liquid. 4 wins and 3 draws – a good result to get in the team history. On the eve of matches Playoff TI6 David Moo Hull told the well-known Western publication on the life of the team in the game the town, the chances of the team and a fun event with a Digital Chaos MiSeRy captain.

David Moo Hull

– You are in the upper branch winners bracket after solid performances in the group stage. Nervous?

Oh sure. After we arrived at the tournament as outsiders. Loss from compLexity and EG on qualifications has been a major blow. Therefore, we are trying to prove everything here that we do not accidentally TI6.

– When you saw rivals in the group, you were more confident or what?

Nothing like this. Groups A and B are quite well-heavy. Therefore, to say that something I could cry “Damn! Group B” is totally inappropriate.

– There are a tournament team, with whom you want to play and win?

We would like to play with Wings (match Digital Chaos vs Wings guys lost in the first game Playoff 1: 2). We have never lost by Wings. And even if they are really cool, it is still worth a try.

– You’re dressed so if you travel a lot. As far as I know, in July you had 3 tournament. Heavy?

And so it is not so. You’re so trapped sometimes a reality, you do not understand where you are coming from. Your friends at home do not understand this. You travel around the world to play video games. This not normal. But at the same time it is amazing. I’ve been in so many places around the world, and I’m only 20 something years. I have a pleasant experience and I do not regret it.

– You currently live in the home team. Do you want to go home?

We had a few moments of time when we might have to leave the home team DC. Directly after qualifying when we had a break, like a weakness or something like that. But it was the glory of God. You can not really have a relationship with anyone. It’s hard to tell my parents, my friends, or even the girl. When you’re in a team building – you’re just playing DotA for 12 hours a day and then stupidly asleep.

– When you spend 3 Lana, your results were not as good in the last few months. You learned something from those matches with teams from other regions?

Oh sure. Especially when we went to Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 2. Because all of us (except Rasmus MiSeRy Phillips, Rasmus Filipsen and Roman Resolut1on Fominka (Roman Fominok) did not have the experience of playing in a tournament at this level. But when we arrived at TI6 those tournaments already seem like a game to the home team, at least in the group stage when you’re in the main round and the fans there shouting -. I think each team a little shiver This helps This has helped us…

– Do you have any rituals before the game?

We are trying to compliment one another. We’re not arrogant, because when you start to play bad – it’s a bit like a lack of respect for the opponent. But we seem to wake up to each other before a match. Even if now 3pm and we have not played in public or at all. It’s like a ritual, as it were.

– How about a game with the captain MiSeRy? How do you communicate through it? MiSeRy tells you what to do or everyone in the team can offer your game plan?

It depends on what game. When MiSeRy all turns out, it mainly gives us the overall game plan and we execute it. But when things do not go according to his plan, he tells us: “Okay, I wanted to take the tower, do it, do it.” In the match against Team Secret MiSeRy I cried so hard that I had still heard after the game. When we beat Secret throne, he jumped from his chair and beat on the table.

– Thanks and good luck!

Yuri Donchenko