In place, the Kraken in Hearthstone Mammoth comes year. Along with him in the game will be a new element – the “Hall of Fame”, the modified release schedule additions, a new hero and gifts for the players. A new item – “Hall of Fame”

The first major addition to the game will bring a new element – the “Hall of Fame”. It will get the map of the base and the classic sets, confiscated from a standard format, but that still can be used in a free format. Cards that will be placed in the “Hall of Fame” will also include a premium card. The official website provides information on what cards fall into the “Hall of Fame” in the course of the year

Initially, developers planned to give players the opportunity to temporary spray classic maps, trapped in the “Hall of Fame” at full price. But later we decided to give all the dust just so that players do not spray their good cards, which can be used in a free format.

Changing the output schedule additions

Earlier this year, Mammoth will supplement containing about 130 new cards. In the middle and at the end of the year the players will see two more additions, in each of which will also include approximately 130 cards.

Developer’s Comments:

“At its core, the adventure -. This colorful and thematically rich stories devoted to the universe Hearthstone Imagine that you have the ability to just learn about the history of each of the sets of cards, for example, the story of a gang of” Jade Lotus “can be issued in the form of several skirmishes. Gadgetzan criminal groups. This is an excellent complement to the storyline “blighted city Gadgetzan.” just the idea we want to develop in the future. Imagine what would happen if you combine the great task of adventure and scale card sets of extras! ”

Gifts to the top, the Mammoth

With the new additions, users will get a reward (Arcane Dust, gold cards and sets of supplements) for daily entrance into the game. action action time will be limited. In addition, a few weeks before the release of the players will be awarded special gifts additions.

Currently few interesting developments in the field of eSports happening in HearthStone discipline. And to be precise, a single game at the moment is not announced. But in the near future there will be new tournaments, and therefore for all HearthStone fans will be even more interesting to watch this game and gain experience.

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