According to the official website of the organization The Alliance, this week will take place announcement of its Hearthstone unit. This is due to the current re-branding of the organization, which will be held in three stages.

When it becomes known the composition of the Swedish Organization for Hearthstone and who enters, still unknown to him. Among free agents is to provide former players Natus Vincere, which Ukrainian organization has decided not to continue the existing contracts due to closure of the popular card game division. We are talking about Sebastian «Xixo» Benterte, Frederick «Hoej» Nielsen, Sebastian «Ostkaka» Envale and Jones «Surrender» Kim. Among the other players without organizations should recall such figures as John «Orange» Vestlberg and Stanislav «StanCifka» Tsifka.

September 16 The Alliance went to the first step of its re-branding, presenting the public the updated composition of Dota 2. The two champions The International 2013 – Jerry «EGM» Lundqvist and Jonathan «Loda» Berg – joined by three former player Ninjas in Pyjamas – Linus «Limmp» Blomdin, Simon «Handsken» Haag and Jonas «jonassomfan» Lindholm. In addition, Alliance and unveiled a new official team logo.

The second step would be the signing of the composition of the Hearthstone, to be held this week. The third and final step will be the composition of the discipline Super Smash Bros., whose announcement is planned in two weeks.