The organization SK Gaming did not renew contracts with the four Swedish players in Hearthstone. Sebastian left the team «Spo» Sёbek, Jesper «Freakeh» Erickson, Harald «Powder» Gimry and Martin «Martincreek» Bäcklund. As part of the left two kibersportsmena

In 2017, for SK Gaming on at Hearthstone tournament will play Esteban «SK.AKAWonder» Serrano and David «SK.Zetalot» Skalski. Sebastian «Spo» Sёbek, Jesper «Freakeh» Eriksson and Martin «Martincreek» Bäcklund became part of SK Gaming in May 2015.

Harald «Powder» Gimry joined them at the end of the same year. After the conclusion of contracts won at the Spo GIGACON Prime 2015, Martincreek took place on 5-8 ASUS ROG Summer 2015 and Freakeh hit the place on 9-16 SeatStory Cup VI and DreamHack Cluj-Napoca.

Harald Gimry took place on 3-4 PGL Spring Tavern Tales 2016 and Insomnia Truesilver Championship 2016. AKAWonder SK entered the composition of the Hearthstone in January 2015. He won the ESL Hearthstone Legendary Series 2016 took place on 3-4 Gamegune 2015 and DreamHack Summer 2015. In 2016 EU HCT Spring, he lost in the quarterfinals to Kevin «coL.Casie» Eberlein and took the 5-8 place.

David Skalski joined the team in May 2015. It took place on 9-16 DreamHack Winter 2015. Zetalot known performances on the priests. More than once he reached the rank of “Legend” in this class and use it in tournaments.

The composition of SK Gaming:

  • Esteban «AKAWonder» Serrano
  • David «Zetalot» Skalski